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Skin Protection

Complete protection for your skin

Day-to-day work exposes our hands to a wide range of different damaging factors and leaves them rough. Our complete range of skin protection, skin cleaning and skincare products protects your hands optimally from all damaging influences and substances. We are an expert partner in the field of washroom hygiene for customers from the trade, healthcare and food industries. Our service offering also includes compilation of a skin protection plan customised to suit your requirements. 

What is skin protection?

In addition to wearing personal protective equipment, skin protection is the customised protection of the skin against dangerous influences and substances. Comprehensive skin protection comprises protection, cleaning and care measures. The cleaning measures to be employed are dictated by the applicable hygiene regulations in the respective workplace. The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act requires that companies implement the relevant protection measures. As a general rule, these are checked every year by the employer’s liability insurance associations and authorities. 

Expert partner for skin protection and hygiene

Washroom hygiene is one of our key competences. To ensure we are a reliable partner for skin protection too, we have joined forces with Peter Greven Physioderm GmbH, a company with more than 100 years of experience in the field of skin protection. Physioderm is renowned for top quality and continuously endeavours to develop new innovations in the field of skin protection.

Cleanliness and hygiene are of the utmost importance when working with food

Our hands are often our most important “tool” in the food and healthcare industries. Frequent and prolonged contact with moisture, gloves and disinfectant means they are exposed to a wide variety of stress factors. CWS skin protection products are specially tailored to the type of skin risk and skin type.

When handling food, it is also important that the skin protection measures be free from perfumes and do not affect the foods in any way for product protection grounds. Both the skin protection ointment and the soap on offer from CWS are HACCP-certified and thus satisfy the requirements of the IFS Food standard in the food industry. The decontaminating soap tailored to the food industry is ideal for special antibacterial handwashing.

Complete 100% skin protection for the trade sector

Protective gloves are often particularly inconvenient when performing intricate tasks. However, if they are not worn, your hands are not protected against oils, greases and fine dusts, plus they are exposed to a wide range of stress factors. Gloves do not absorb sweat and are not breathable, making the hands more susceptible to germs and bacteria. The skin protection products available from CWS keep you optimally protected from hazardous substances and liquids even when not wearing gloves.