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Surgical Gowns

Reusable surgical gowns are a reliable, comfortable and cost effective option for any surgical environment

According to current research reusable gowns have lower environmental impacts than disposable gowns due mainly to the reduced landfill and incineration impacts.

"The European Committee for standardization (CEN). Requires both reusable and single use drapes and gowns to be resistant to liquid penetration, resistant to anti-microbial penetration and with minimal release particles”

Source: E.T.S.A (European Textile Service Association) ‘life Cycle Assessment of Surgical Gowns’

CWS surgical wear is manufactured to the highest international standards and are designed specifically to protect the user and patient alike

The fabrics we use incorporate the latest fabric technology providing a choice of micro fibre polyester or 3-ply laminated fabrics that are hydrophobic, breathable, low linting, antimicrobial, steam sterilisable, with static control and excellent tensile strength. They MEET the performance requirements of the European Standard EN 13795 for Surgical Drapes, Gowns and Clean Air Suits, used as Medical Devices.

In cooperation with our surgical gown manufacturers, we have designed a range of gowns and drapes that meet the following requirements:

  • High performance micro-polyester fabrics
  • Fully compliant with EN13795
  • CE Certified
  • Processed using an ISO 13845-2003 approved quality system
  • Sterilised using EN554 validated steam autoclaves
  • Superior fluid and bacterial protection
  • Reduced risk of infection

Our current range of gowns include Standard, Critical, Trilaminate and Charnley Gowns.