Accessories and consumables

From toilet paper to soap cartridges

There are a range of different consumables available to match all the products in CWS’ portfolio.

For example: 

  • Toilet paper, two- or three-ply, in various sizes
  • Disposable paper towels: folded paper towels in different qualities and colours 
  • Cotton towel rolls in white or blue, each in two different sizes 
  • Soap cartridges with cream or foam soap for optimal hand hygiene
  • Industrial soaps against stubborn stains such as oil, tar and grime 
  • Cleaning liquid for hand disinfection for different requirements 
  • Hand lotions in a wide variety of versions 
  • Skincare ointments for protection against stubborn stains and various working materials 
  • Cleaning liquid for the Paradise Seatcleaner toilet seat cleaner 
  • Hygiene bags made of plastic or paper 
  • Bin bags with 80 l capacity 

Whatever you need, at CWS you get all your washroom furnishings including corresponding consumables from a single source. 

Benefit from the quality, environmentally friendliness and user comfort of our extensive product range. In addition, with our CWS Service, we also guarantee you the uninterrupted availability of our accessories. 

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