Hygienprodukter paradiseline

Dispensers for disinfection

For effective hand disinfection

CWS has a wide range of disinfectant dispensers available for different applications and requirements. Proper hand disinfection helps you achieve maximal germ reduction. As such, disinfection is highly recommended or even required in segments with high hygienic requirements – for example in gastronomy, the food trade and medical settings. 


What the disinfectant dispensers offer in detail 

Paradise Disinfect NT dispenser 

  • Ideal for all public areas and passageways as well as types of washroom without special hygienic requirements 
  • Contact-free usage thanks to Non-Touch technology 
  • Gel-like disinfectant is pleasant to use 
  • Germ reduction with simultaneous skincare effect thanks to the dual function 
  • Flexible installation options: free-standing with an optionally available stand or wall installation 
  • Clean and tidy thanks to the optionally available drip tray 
  • Available with a white panel or customised design

MediLine universal dispenser 

  • Perfect for medical facilities, care homes and the food processing industry 
  • For use with conventionally available disinfectants containing alcohol 
  • Adjustable dosing 
  • Optionally removable stainless-steel pump 
  • Autoclavable 
  • Suction tube available flexible or straight 
  • Also suitable for liquid soap and flowable moisturising lotions 
  • Available in anodised aluminium
  • Available in a 500 ml and 1,000 ml version
  • Suitable for standard bottles and standardised Euro bottles
  • Optionally available for single-use bottles with a preinstalled pump


All dispensers impress with premium quality and stylish design. In 2009, the dispensers in the popular ParadiseLine range were honoured with the Red Dot Design award.