Fragrance dispensers

For every interior in a modest design

The CWS Paradise Air Bar unfolds a pleasant fragrance in all areas without any aerosol propellants, but with a wide range of aromas. Specially developed neutralisers eliminate bad odours. Our ecological fragrance concept with its innovative, elegant design brings a real eye-catcher into your rooms.

What the CWS Paradise Air Bar offers in detail 

  • Perfect for long-lasting freshness in washrooms, meeting rooms and spa areas 
  • Battery-operated system does not require mains connection 
  • Environmentally friendly diffusion system (no aerosols) 
  • Two fragrance chambers for the use of different room fragrances (to avoid becoming used to one scent) 
  • Intuitive user interface for selection of cartridge and fragrance intensity 
  • Nine exclusive fragrances for different areas of use and continuous room freshness 
  • Neutralisers combat the perception of bad smells such as smoke, sweat, bathroom smells and kitchen odours 
  • All CWS fragrances are IFRA-certified 

    All dispensers impress with premium quality and stylish design. In 2016, the Paradise Air Bar was distinguished with a “Special Mention” in the “Bath & Wellness” category of the German Design Award. 

    Paradise Air Bar German Design Award

    Brochure Paradise Line