Hygiene boxes

The perfect fit for every washroom

Washrooms are indicative of the overall cleanliness of a company. What better opportunity is there to make a great impression on customers and guests? Accessible and hygienic waste bins in toilet cubicles increase visitors’ perception of well-being. We developed the CWS Ladycare Box with exactly this in mind. It is easy to use and hygienic. Its streamlined design means it fits perfectly in the front area of the cubicle. What’s more, we take care of the professional and environmentally friendly disposal of feminine hygiene products for you!


Ladybin Paradise Line CWS

What the hygiene boxes offer in detail

Paradise hygiene boxes

  • Environmentally friendly and professional disposal of hygiene products 
  • Hygienic gel neutralises unpleasant odours and guarantees a fresh fragrance 
  • Special lid hides contents from view 
  • Fewer blocked drains as a result of flushed hygienic waste 
  • Available in free-standing and wall-mounted versions for simpler floor cleaning 
  • Optional sensor-operated opening and closing of the lid 
Dameshygiene afvalbak

Paradise Stainless Steel hygiene boxes

  • Internal, thus invisible, bag holder for use of bin bags 
  • Available in free-standing and wall-mounted versions for simpler floor cleaning
  • Stainless steel material contributes to the product’s long service life
  • Thanks to the special brushed finish, CWS stainless steel dispensers are largely protected against fingerprints 

All products impress with premium quality and stylish design. In 2009, the products of the popular ParadiseLine range were honoured with the Red Dot Design award.