Do you want your customers and guests to feel at ease in your washroom too? In addition, CWS offers two simple solutions: the Paradise Seatcleaner for manual cleaning and the Paradise Cleanseat for automatic cleaning. Both systems disinfect and clean the toilet seat – dirt and germs are simply wiped away. Cleaning of the toilet seat after every use reinforces the users’ sense of personal hygiene. This has a positive effect on your guests’ well-being and boosts your image

What the toilet seat and cleaning systems offer in detail 

Paradise Cleanseat Power & Paradise Cleanseat Universal toilet seats 

  • Automatic disinfection and electronic cleaning of the toilet seat after every use (self-cleaning) 
  • No changes in user behaviour 
  • No waste such as paper or plastic (from covering seat) 
  • The option of triggering cleaning process manually prior to use via sensor panel 
  • The cleaning process takes just approx. 15 seconds 
  • Retrofitting on existing toilets possible 
  • “Power” version for greatest requirements and high visitor traffic, with 230V/50Hz mains connection and water connection (tank for 5,500 cleaning cycles) 
  • “Universal” version for normal visitor volumes, battery operated (tank for approx. 1,200 cleaning cycles) 

Paradise Seatcleaner and Paradise Stainless Steel toilet seat cleaners 

  • For manual cleaning of the toilet seat 
  • The liquid is certified in accordance with VAH/DGHM 
  • Reliable pump system for output without dripping and correct dosing 
  • Simple replacement of the plastic pouch with cleaning fluid thanks to patented click-in bottle system 
  • Approx. 1,500 spray portions per pouch 
  • Stainless steel version with special brushed finish largely protects against fingerprints 
  • Lock to prevent theft