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Towel dispensers

High quality for textiles and paper

From long-lasting cotton hand towels to folded paper towels, CWS has the perfect towel dispenser for every requirement. Choose the contact-free version for particularly hygienic requirements or dispensers with manual pulling systems. All our towel dispensers are particularly quiet. The disposable paper towels and single-use cotton hand towels dry hands in next to no time. For the great feeling of clean, cared-for hands. 

Our Paradise Line cotton towel dispensers have been awarded the Blue Angel eco-label. They save resources and avoid waste. This ensures the washroom is always well maintained, clean and sustainable. 

Hygienic hand drying in pandemic times

The Federal Centre for Health Education (Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung, BzgA) expressly recommends single-use towels made of cotton or paper for drying hands. According to the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention (Kommission für Krankenhaushygiene und Infektionsprävention, KRINKO), single-use cotton towels from retractive dispensers can also be used in pandemic times in hygiene-sensitive areas such as hospitals. They meet the requirements for hygienic hand drying in the same way as paper towels.

Thanks to retractive technology in the cotton towel dispensers, every user receives his or her own piece of towel. The individually dispensed portions are retracted immediately after use. A 2-chamber system with contamination barrier in the CWS dispensers strictly separates fresh and used towel portions.

What the CWS towel dispensers offer in detail

Cotton towel dispensers in the Paradise Line range

  • Long-lasting thanks to high-quality cotton 
  • Resource-saving thanks to reusability, awarded the Blue Angel eco-label 
  • Hygienic thanks to two-chamber system, certified by Hygiene-Institut Berlin 
  • No waste compared with paper towel dispensers 
  • Available in six standard colours, with customisation options 
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Paper towel dispensers in the Paradise Line range

  • Sustainable thanks to FSC-certified paper 
  • Suitable for special and/or legal requirements 
  • Available in six standard colours, with customisation options

Paper towel dispensers in the MediLine range

  • Perfectly suitable for medical facilities, care homes and the food preparation industry 
  • Suitable for conventionally available paper towels 
  • Capacity of up to 250 sheets 
  • Available in three colours 

All towel dispensers, whether for textiles or paper, impress with first-class quality and outstanding visual design. In 2009, the dispensers in the popular Paradise Line range won the highly coveted Red Dot Design award. 

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Brochure Paradise Line

New: Paper Towel Dispenser IQ Papertowel

  • For sanitary areas with high user traffic
  • Efficient and rapid refilling during ongoing use prevents shortages
  • New paper cassettes are easy to insert – similar to standard folded paper systems
  • A clean washroom: used portions are kept separate from fresh paper in the unit and are rolled up to save space