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We do everything we can to ensure that you can simply feel at home in our washrooms

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Have a look at our FAQs on this page or simply contact us directly, we look forward to interchange ideas with you!

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Benefit from our washroom concepts

Would you like to modernise your public washrooms in a busy environment and have them professionally operated in the future?

We take over all steps from the planning of your new washrooms to the furnishing and operation, naturally with the entire range of CWS brand products and high-quality sanitary components from our well-known partners.

Offer your customers high-quality and always hygienic washrooms whose quality is in no way inferior to the standards of your core business.

We would be happy to talk to you about individual solutions for your business!

Do you have questions? We have the answers.

What can I do with the loovo voucher?

With the loovio voucher, you receive an attractive one-time discount on your purchase from our redemption partners. You can find the exact redemption conditions in the text on the back of your voucher.

Wich possibilities do I have for payment?
  • Payment in cash: If you should not have it appropriately, our turnstile machines will give you change.
  • Payment by NFC: Payment with the contactless NFC technology is possible with current credit cards as well as with many new smartphone models.
Do I have to pay for the disabled toilet?

Of course not – the usage of the handicapped accessible WC is free of charge in Germany. With the Eurokey access is possible at any time.

Do children have to pay too?

No – the usage of our loovio washroom is free of charge for children. Whenever there is enough space, we provide a separate entrance for children. At locations without a separate children's entrance, please contact our service staff.

How is hygiene guaranteed at loovio?

The loovio cleaning concept is specially designed for our washrooms and ensures the highest hygiene standards in the loovio washrooms. Every cleaner receives a loovio cleaning training course and we work with our tried and tested methods and materials at all locations. In order to have the quality of our facilities externally validated, hygiene tests are regularly carried out by an independent institute.

What is so unique about the self-cleaning toilet seat (CWS-Cleanseat)?

The CWS-Cleanseat automatically disinfects and cleans the toilet seat after each use. This guarantees that the toilet seat is hygienically cleaned after each use.

What makes loovio so sustainable?

As a part of the CWS-boco Group, we attach great importance to sustainability. Our cotton towel rolls generate 95% less waste than paper towels. For more information on sustainability, please read our Sustainability Report.

Who is behind loovio by CWS?

CWS Complete Washroom Concepts GmbH, as a division of the CWS-boco Group, offers comprehensive and flexible outsourcing solutions for public washrooms under the brand name loovio by CWS. The CWS-boco Group is represented in 16 countries worldwide, employs over 10,000 people and operates over 400,000 toilet facilities for their customers. 

Who operates the individual locations?

All locations are operated by loovio by CWS and its cleaning service providers. We supply the consumables and fill all dispensers, we maintain your washroom facilities as well as maintaining and cleaning your washrooms.

What is included in the loovio by CWS washroom concept?

loovio by CWS is the all-round carefree package. Transfer responsibility for your washrooms to an experienced partner. We take over all steps from planning your new washrooms through furnishing and operational operations – of course including the entire range of CWS brand products and high-quality sanitary components from our well-known partners.

How are the washrooms equipped?

Our washrooms offer you products with the highest hygiene standards and sensor control for contactless use of our systems, such as the self-cleaning Cleanseat toilet seat and the soap and disinfectant dispensers. For hand drying, we use cotton roll dispensers and can, therefore, provide washroom users with a personal and sustainable piece of fabric.

Is the design of the washrooms specified or is it individually plannable?

Each washroom concept is individually designable according to the wishes of our partners. And of course, we are also happy to support you in your choice with our various design suggestions.

What are the advantages of cooperating with loovio by CWS?

You provide your customers with a higher level of service and added value through our voucher system. In addition, you will benefit from cost reductions and can fully concentrate on your core business.

I was dissatisfied with the service. Who can I contact?

We are very sorry that you were dissatisfied with your visit to one of our loovio washrooms. We always do our best to offer you a comfortable and hygienic washroom. Please send your feedback to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.