Experience cleanliness

We want to create immaculate and private retreats for our customers. Be sure, even if you are on the move, of the privacy and hygienic comfort of your own four walls.

We only use high-quality materials and components in our washrooms and our special loovio by CWS cleaning concept ensures that you can simply feel comfortable at home during a visit.


Our washrooms


washroom concept

Pay the entrance fee with your small change or even easier contactless with your credit card. Don't forget to take your voucher with you!

Experience the highest hygiene standards at loovio: from sensor-controlled dispensers for soap and towels to self-cleaning toilet seats, the well-known CWS products ensure that you can simply feel good with us – like a second home!

Get something back: You can have our vouchers credited by our local partners. Just take a look at the back for all the necessary information.



Through partnerships with nearby shops, you will receive a voucher every time you visit one of our loovio washrooms. So you not only benefit from a surprisingly pleasant washroom experience – you also get something back as a thank you!
On the back of your vouchers, you can find out where and how they can be redeemed.


We act sustainably and make cleanliness visible

Our goal is to make people's everyday lives more comfortable, healthier and safer. This applies to our customers as much as it does to our employees. We have therefore declared customer satisfaction, delivery reliability, occupational safety and the training and further education of our employees to be key areas of action within the framework of our sustainable management.

At loovio, we also regard environmental protection as an important issue. Unfortunately, sustainability is often neglected, especially in rooms with a high user frequency and where a lot of energy is consumed. loovio wants to counteract this and assumes responsibility, which CWS seals with the ecoilet label.

CWS ecoilet washroom: Experience the sustainable washroom

By using CWS towel dispensers, CWS soap dispensers and recycled toilet paper, loovio carries "the green calling card" and continuously pursues the goal of continuing to focus on environmentally friendly solutions. The clever washroom equipment from CWS saves water, raw materials, waste and consumables.


Barrierefreie Toilette


We have a barrier-free facility at every location. Usage is free of charge for people with disabilities.


Baby change

Whenever space is available, we have equipped spacious, modern and separate baby changing rooms for you and your baby. All you have to do is changing your baby's diaper, we take care of the rest.


Kids entrance

Free entrance for your kids, as long as your kids can pass through our special kid's entrance.