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Personal protective equipment

Get protection in the workplace!

CWS Workwear PPE

For a safe working environment

Thousands of workplace accidents happen every day in our country; many of them are preventable. Because we want your employees to return home safe and sound at the end of the working day, we offer them high-quality, functional protective clothing that they can always rely on.

We offer a wide range of standard-compliant collections - from high-visibility clothing to welding clothing, multifunctional protective clothing and weatherproof clothing. Our service is to provide, collect, repair and return ready to wear clothing to your company's door.  Only regularly and professionally refurbished protective clothing guarantees its necessary protective effect. You can therefore rely on the 125 years of expertise of CWS in this field.

Personal protective equipment from CWS: four reasons to choose us

CWS Solution Workwear Protecting Employees

EU compliant occupational safety clothing

As an employer, you must provide your team with the necessary protective clothing. Violations can result in high fines. CWS supports you with the selection of the right PPE protective equipment, advises you with respect of standards and norms and ensures your compliance with all regulations.

CWS Service Cycle Wash Maintance

Certified reprocessing

Only professionally reconditioned PPE permanently meets legal requirements. We offer a certified process compliant with strict requirements of your industry and are responsible for ensuring that all protective functions of the garments, thereby guaranteeing your occupational safety. Non-compliant or damaged workwear is sorted out and replaced.

CWS Benefit Kvality 2

Guaranteed high quality garments

We leave nothing to chance in product development. All products have to go through rigorous testing. We check the reflectors of high-visibility clothing just as carefully as the electrostatic dissipation of ESD clothing.

CWS Workwear

Comfortable, perfectly fitting protective clothing

Comfort is essential for protective clothing that is worn all day. The fabric must be breathable and allow the wearer to move without discomfort. In addition of being 100% comliant with EU regulations, CWS Workwear's garments are considered to be extremely comfortable to wear.