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Workwear to rent

Renting workwear solution:  Workwear which is cared for. Every day!

Save time and money. You no longer need to take care of the procurement, storage, cleaning, repair and care of your workwear. We do it for you. And have done so for over 60 years already. CWS: Your partner for workwear. We collect worn, dirty clothing from you and exchange it reliably and on time for washed, clean clothing. We deliver it directly to your company, to your changing rooms, even right to your employees’ lockers if you like – we are as flexible as your internal workflows require.

Renting is service

Of course, you can also do all that yourself. The only thing is, in our opinion: we can do it better. Our logistics processes have been tested and optimised over many years and help to save resources. Simply because we manage larger volumes than you could ever do on your own. And, another thing: we also think you have more important things to do. So why not save yourself all the effort associated with providing workwear in full working order every day? Plus, you can save money at the same time! Renting workwear is much more cost-effective than purchasing it. We put up the initial investment for all the clothing required and keep the clothing, fabric and threads in stock – allowing us to alter too large, too tight, too baggy or damaged clothing and replace worn items flexibly. All with no extra effort required of you. Well okay...with only a minimal effort on your part.

Well advised

If you are having difficulty making decisions, we are there to help. In cooperation with our specialist consultants, you choose the clothing that you really need, that complies with the legal requirements and that suits your business. It’s often possible to choose between different fabrics, fabric strengths and material compositions within one collection. This allows us to ensure that the clothing really does stand up to the daily challenges in your company.

A perfect fit

A perfect fit Trousers too long or sleeves too short? We shorten, adjust and let out until everything is just right. For every single employee. Workwear which does not fit properly simply doesn’t fit our concept of rental workwear. Once you’ve made your choice, we determine the right sizes and/or any alterations together with your employees using clothes that have already been worn in. In the business, we refer to that as an adapted collection. It also contains extra-small and extra-large sizes. Whether you have two or 200 employees, we customise every item of clothing – see above.

Outstanding – your emblem 

Of course, we can’t forget that: the CWS emblem service. We attach your company or association logo to the clothing and ensure the design complies with your CI. That raises brand recognition among your customers and fosters trust. In addition, the CWS emblem service also offers personalisation of the clothing with a corresponding name tag.

A sparkling performance 

We wash on a grand scale – employing certified processes. Your workwear passes through a controlled process in CWS’ own industrial laundries. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and work hygienically in a manner which saves resources and is gentle on clothing. Your clothing is regularly inspected and, if required, repaired professionally or replaced if worn out. The CWS textile services have a wide range of applications and can be flexibly adapted to all product ranges.

Service in the smallest of spaces

Washing, ironing, folding, putting away: we take care of everything. Use the CWS locker service. Your employees can look forward to fresh clothes in their personal locker every time. 

Locker for rent? 

Buying is so yesterday. Rent the accessories you require from CWS. We offer a range of locker solutions that you can rent with ease. And here too we pay attention to the highest quality standards. 

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