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Numbers & Facts

CWS is a brand of CWS International GmbH and its subsidiaries. The Group currently employs around 11,700 people in 15 countries. In 2022, the company generated a turnover of €1,369 billion. CWS International GmbH and its subsidiaries are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH.

Economic key figures

  • Turnover (€ billion) 1,369
  • Sites in 15 countries

Ecological key figures

  • Power consumption (GJ) 799,968 
  • Water consumption (m3) 1,322,076 
  • CO2 emissions (Scope 1–3; t) 217,950 

Social key figures

  • Employees (reporting countries median 2021) 11,700

The CWS success story

Since April 2019, the solution provider is offering its services under the umbrella brand CWS. With six service areas, the company stands for a common vision: creating a healthier and safer tomorrow. CWS offers solutions for washrooms and mats in the Hygiene Division and for workwear, cleanrooms, health and care in the Workwear Division. In Germany, there is also the business segment CWS Fire Safety, which offers customers fire protection solutions. 

CWS is committed to setting new standards. With innovative, sustainable and digitalised rental solutions, the company ensures greater health, safety and protection for customers and their employees. Holistic hygiene solutions can limit the transmission of infections and reduce illness rates. Regularly inspected protective clothing can prevent accidents at work and thus contribute to safety in the workplace. Preventive fire protection solutions also increase safety in the workplace. 

Continuing the positive economic development 

Despite the Corona pandemic, CWS was able to continue the positive economic development of the past years in 2021. The company increased its turnover in particular through partly international acquisitions in the Fire Safety and Cleanroom segments. In total, it is an increase of around 7 million euros from 1.249 billion euros in 2021 to 1.369 billion euros in 2022. 

Operating result increased by 10 percent 

Through strict cost management, it was possible to increase the operating result by 11 million euros compared to the previous year to 181 million euros. The Workwear and Cleanrooms Divisions stood out positively in this development. 

The number of employees averaged 11,700 for the year and increased by 4.5 percent compared to the previous year. The increase is mainly due to acquisitions. 

Consistent implementation of the strategic goals

 The positive figures are also the result of the consistent implementation of the company's strategic goals and growth through acquisitions. CWS complements its range of cleanroom products with the Irish companies Specialised Sterile Environments Ltd. and Service Matters Ltd. and the Dutch specialist WERO. In the area of fire safety, six acquisitions, some of them international, strengthened the business unit.