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For a safer and healthier future

Thinking today about tomorrow and beyond is the sustainable core of our vision. We want to make the future a better version of the present.

Our vision: For a safer and healthier tomorrow

This is the goal we have set ourselves at CWS. To ensure that our world is worth living in for future generations, CWS is committed to better hygiene and thus to better health in society. With our products and solutions, we also contribute to more safety in professional and public environments. Simply put: we want to make the future a better version of the present.

Healthier Safer

What defines us

Sustainability on all levels

The core of our vision, to think today about tomorrow and beyond, is firmly rooted in our actions. Sustainability has always been at the heart of our activities. Circularity and the sharing economy have been the guiding principles of our business since the company was founded. Based on these sustainable principles, we are committed to a safer and healthier tomorrow.

In concrete terms, this means that we think and act for the long term. We conserve resources and use reusable instead of disposable products. We are committed to social sustainability in all areas of our value chain. We practice the principles of recycling and the circular economy.

Achieving our goal with inspiration, agility, passion and reliability!

Inspiring others

We bring fresh ideas to the market and test new technologies. Our ambition is to inspire you with our solutions for improving hygiene in public spaces and safety in the workplace.

Agile pathways to the future

We are dynamically shaping the path to a safer and healthier future by constantly striving to find the best solutions. We are always open to new approaches, trying out new things, and working with partners who complement our expertise.

Passion for the best solutions

We always put our heart and soul into our work, from start to finish. This applies to everything, no matter whether it's the conception and development of our solutions, our consulting, or the delivery, maintenance and recycling of our products.

Your reliable partner

Health and safety is a matter of trust. With us, you have a reliable partner with many years of experience at your side. We look to the future and understand your needs, so you can rely on us to provide the right solution.

Four business areas, boundless possibilities

CWS Budova

There's always potential for more

Regardless of the industry in which you earn your living, we support you in matters of health and safety. Manufacturing and processing safety for cleanrooms? Check. Totally reliable workwear? Check. Advanced fire safety solutions? Check. And so much more.