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CWS in Nurseries and Schools

We support educational institutions with hygiene and
fire safety measures and equip them with dust control mats

Working together on tasks

There are lots of things for children to discover at nursery or on the school grounds. This usually involves getting dirty, so health and safety are all the more important. We support nurseries and schools with everything related to hygiene. From washroom equipment that's suitable for children to customised dust control mats sporting your logo, we work with you to make hygiene child's play. We also have solutions and products for colleges and universities. And because safety and fire prevention go hand in hand in educational institutions, we also advise and support you with tried-and-tested safety and fire safety solutions. 

Solutions and products from CWS




Dust control mats


Fire Safety


If you have questions about fire safety or hygiene in nurseries or schools, for example, we will be happy to advise you. Please contact us.

Example - Fire Safety Training

Verantwortung: Erwachsene Frau hält die Hand eines Kindes

Prepared for an emergency

If a fire breaks out, quick action is required. Training is important so that educators, teachers, and lecturers can immediately take the right measures and bring those in their care to safety. We have decades of experience in fire safety and are happy to share our knowledge with you. Our trainers are certified and will teach your employees according to official guidelines.  

Example - Entrance Area

For a warm welcome

We know that the well-being of children and teenagers is paramount. In order for them to feel comfortable at nursery or school, we provide child-friendly mats for the entrance area. We give you the option to design your own dust control mats, such as with the school name, a specific shape, certain colours, etc. We also provide dust control mats that blend in discreetly with the design of the entrance area since this is the first thing a child or parent will see. In order to provide the best first impression possible, the mats should be cleaned regularly - a task that we routinely perform for you as part of our rental service.      

Eingangsbereich einer Kita

Hygiene in educational institutions

Avoiding contamination

The more people there are in a place, the higher the risk of infection, but this can be reduced without much effort. Regular hand washing and taking measures to protect against infection can significantly reduce the risk of catching a cold. We help you to equip washrooms in nurseries, schools, and universities and also give you advice on the matter.   

Hygiene in schools

Excellent ideas

Working together with the World Toilet Organization, we are committed to ensuring that hygiene in schools is taken seriously. "Toiletten machen Schule" is a competition that helps to get pupils actively involved.

More about the competition

What our customers say

Inviting entrance area

“There is always a lot going on in the entrance area and along the corridors: children come in from playing outside or parents have just arrived to pick up their children. Therefore, this area should be both inviting and clean. Functional and colourful products ensure that dirt does not get spread and that a cheerful overall impression is created.”

Myriam Fien, Manager of “Abenteuerland” nursery

Myriam Fien, Kita-Leitung „Abenteuerland“


Washrooms suitable for children

“In the washroom, children practice personal hygiene with their educators. A child-friendly design and bright colours in the bathroom help them to feel more comfortable. The appliances must be intuitive and easy for children to use, which is an important step towards independence.”

Claudia Morbitzer, Mother

Claudia Morbitzer


Hygiene products

“In crèches and nurseries with very young children, we change a lot of nappies daily, sometimes in quick succession. There are certain products we can trust that protect children and educators against infection, for example, a special nappy bucket ensures that no odours spread in the nappy-changing room.”

Jutta Hattemer, Educator at Evangelische Kita Heidelberg

Jutta Hattemer, Erzieherin Evangelische Kita Heidelberg


Kitchen Hygiene

“Fresh, healthy meals are prepared in our kitchen every day. Everything must comply 100% with the hygiene regulations. Choosing the correct hygienic products helps to meet these high requirements and at the same time means that employees are adequately protected.”

Ulrike Riemesch, Kitchen management at “Kinderreich” nursery

Ulrike Riemesch, Küchenleitung Kita „Kinderreich“



Thinking about tomorrow, today

Our goal is to make the future safer and healthier. That's why we focus on sustainable supply chains, durable products, and resource-saving service cycles.

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