Fit for the cleanroom – day training courses

In our training centres in Leipzig, Aschaffenburg and Marburg, we offer various day training courses on the requirements in the cleanroom (ISO 14644, VDI 2083, GMP guidelines). Together, we practice the correct behaviour, airlocks, gowning or cleaning and disinfection, under real conditions.

All day training courses 2022 at a glance

NEW: Events at CWS locations with laundry tour

07.02.2022 | Radeburg - Cleanroom clothing
16.03.2022 | Reutlingen - Cleanroom clothing
13.04.2022 | Eindhoven, NL - Cleanroom clothing (Lecture language NL)
29.06.2022 | Lauterbach (Hesse) – Cleanroom clothing


Events in Aschaffenburg

22.02.2022  Conduct in the cleanroom
23.02.2022 Professional cleanroom cleaning
24.02.2022 Basic training GMP

23.08.2022 Conduct in the cleanroom
24.08.2022  Professional cleanroom cleaning
25.08.2022 Management of GMP-regulated cleanrooms

Events in Leipzig

26.04.2022 Conduct in the cleanroom
27.04.2022 Professional cleanroom cleaning
28.04.2022 Management of GMP-regulated cleanrooms

11.10.2022 Conduct in the cleanroom
12.10.2022 Professional cleanroom cleaning
13.10.2022 Management of GMP-regulated cleanrooms

Events in Marburg

21.06.2022 Conduct in the cleanroom
22.06.2022 Professional cleanroom cleaning
23.06.2022 Basic training GMP

23.06.2022 Conduct in the cleanroom
30.11.2022 Professional cleanroom cleaning
01.12.2022 Basic training GMP

Training with competence and passion

CWS Cleanrooms Reinraumschulung Eimer
CWS Cleanrooms Reinraumschulung Reinigungswagen
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Reinraumschulung Anziehen

Details about our day training courses

NEW: Cleanroom clothing, incl. laundry tour 

Cleanroom clothing is an effective barrier to protect against contamination. In our new one-day training, we provide you with everything you need to know about the requirements for cleanroom clothing, give useful tips on clothing management and practise the correct handling and donning of (sterile) cleanroom clothing.

The special feature: You also get a look behind the scenes. You will go on a tour of a cleanroom laundry and learn how cleanroom garments are professionally processed. 

Target group:
Cleanroom personnel (GMP, ISO), pharmacy personnel (§35 ApBetrO), service providers in ISO and GMP cleanrooms

Seminar contents:
Topics – theory

  • General and specific requirements for cleanroom clothing
  • Barrier function of cleanroom clothing
  • Garment components of the different cleanliness classes according to relevant norms and standards
  • Garment management
  • Comparison of disposable and reusable garments
  • Requirements for the reprocessing of reusable garments

Topics – practice

  • Active exercise on the correct donning of various clothing components, e.g. coveralls, textile bonnet, gloves
  • Practical exercise on the airlock procedure

Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

450.00 EUR (plus value added tax)

Conduct in the cleanroom

Day training “Conduct in the cleanroom”
The behaviour of your staff is critical to maintaining barriers that protect your clean environment. In our training programmes, we teach the basic requirements according to ISO 14644 and VDI 2083. Emphasis is placed on correct patterns of conduct as well as the handling of cleanroom garments and how to put them on correctly.

Target group:
Cleanroom personnel (GMP, ISO), pharmacy personnel (§35 ApBetrO), service providers in ISO and GMP cleanrooms

Seminar contents:
Topics – theory

  • Basics of cleanroom technology
  • Air technology
  • Presentation of the different cleanroom classes
  • Influencing factors on cleanliness
  • Examples of particle contamination
  • Dependencies between technology and personnel
  • Rules of conduct according to VDI 2083

Topics – practice

  • Active exercises for correct gowning techniques
  • Practical exercises for the gownroom airlock procedure

Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

450.00 EUR (plus value added tax)

Professional cleanroom cleaning

Day training “Professional cleanroom cleaning”
The importance of cleanroom cleaning is often underestimated. This training will inform you about the origin, spread and effects of various contaminants. We will show you ways to control and prevent particulate contamination. You will have the opportunity to test different materials and try out methods. With the help of visualization techniques we have developed in-house, we open up a completely new learning horizon for you.

Target group:
Cleanroom personnel (GMP, ISO), cleaning personnel for ISO and GMP cleanrooms

Seminar contents:

  • Theoretical basics
  • Important guidelines and regulations
  • Dealing with cleaning schedules and documentation
  • Use of different materials and cleaning agents


  • Practical procedures for people and materials to pass through the airlock
  • Practical cleaning processes
  • Correct application of wiping techniques
  • Use of multiple and single-use processes
  • Various quality control procedures

Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

650.00 EUR (plus value added tax)

Basic training GMP

We provide you with an overview of the structure and content of the EU GMP guideline and the new requirements of Annex 1. In the practical section, you will learn which barriers reduce the risk of microbiological contamination entering the system. We present simple tests that can be used to check the success of your measures.

Target group:
Cleanroom personnel (GMP), pharmacy personnel (§35 ApBetrO), service providers in GMP cleanrooms

450.00 EUR (plus value added tax)

Management of GMP-regulated cleanrooms

This training builds on the basic GMP training and is primarily aimed at managers in the cleanroom sector. You create a hygiene concept for an imaginary cleanroom on the basis of a risk analysis. They determine the necessary check points for environmental monitoring, taking into account regulatory and normative requirements. What can you do with the data? You will get straightforward answers to this as well. For example, you can incorporate them into staff training.

Target group:
Management personnel in GMP-regulated cleanrooms

Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

450.00 EUR (plus value added tax)

Our trainers at a glance

Reinraumschulung Frau Jahn
Reinraumschulung McMillan
Reinraumschulung Herr Zepp

Melanie Jahn

manages the Cleanroom Academy. In addition to classroom training, she is responsible for the new training formats in the online area and continues to develop them.  She has been intensively involved in the areas of hygiene, microbiology and training since her natural science studies. She is a certified HACCP manager in the food sector. She has brought her extensive experience from quality management in the food sector to the qualification and training of hygiene and key personnel. 

Andreas McMillan

is a long-standing training manager for the training and familiarisation of our company’s cleanroom personnel. For him, the focus is on correct conduct in the cleanroom as the most important basis for avoiding contamination. As regional manager of our company, he has looked after numerous customers, mainly from the pharmaceutical sector, and thus has extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of cleanroom and hygiene standards, as well as cleaning and disinfection techniques.

Dr. Klaus-Peter Zepp

worked in various adult qualification institutions after his studies. He joined our company in 2003 and has been looking after major customers in the cleanroom sector since then. He has gained extensive experience in the implementation of GMP and ISO requirements in various cleanroom sectors. He is happy to make his many years of practical knowledge available to training participants as a trainer in the Cleanroom Academy training courses.

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