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For a systematically clean appearance

With our aluminium profile mats, you can protect the interior and exterior of your building
highly effectively against dirt and moisture - even if they are subject to heavy loads.

Aluminium profile mats for indoors and outdoors

Depending on the foot traffic, load and cleaning requirements, the inlays of our aluminium profile mats can be individually adapted to the requirements on site.   For this purpose, for example, inlays in the form of ribbed carpets, cassette brushes or rubber inlays are available as mat strips. These fit into the profiles perfectly.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Here you will find an overview of the most important questions and corresponding answers. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What sizes of aluminium profile mats are available?

CWS aluminium profile mats are individually designed and produced according to your requirements - all you need is a suitable mat bed, into which the aluminium profile mat is then inserted to fit exactly. Our specialists will gladly assist you with the measurement.

How are aluminium profile mats cleaned and maintained?

Aluminium profile mats are designed in such a way that most dirt falls through the gaps onto the mat bed. Nevertheless, regular care and cleaning is necessary in order to extend the cleaning performance and lifespan of the mat. The cleaning frequency, as well as the cleaning tools and products required, depends on the type of dirt and level of soiling.

For light soiling, the mat system should be cleaned regularly with special vacuums. For heavier soiling, the mat system can be rolled up and removed in order to clean the mat bed.

If necessary, the mat system can also be sprayed with a high-pressure cleaner. After a short drying time, the system is put back in place.

Which profile inlay is best suited for which requirement?

Whether it's for coarse or fine dirt, inside or outside, different loads or frequencies of use - the five available profiles are suitable for almost all requirements. Our specialists will be happy to advise you individually.

Our solutions for you

CWS Riešenie pre podlahy - starostlivosť o podlahy vo vstupných priestoroch

Design entrance area

We help you ensure your entrance area makes a great first impression.

CWS podlahové riešenie - zdravé pracovisko

Occupational health

We protect the health of your employees and provide a safe working environment.

CWS Riešenie pre podlahy - špeciálne požiadavky na starostlivosť o podlahy

Special requirements

Dirt transfer is easy to control, even in challenging conditions.


Do you still have questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your contact person for a personal meeting.

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CWS aluminium profile mats

Keeps the dirt to itself

The CWS aluminium profile mats feature a high-quality open aluminium frame system. Dirt and moisture fall through profiles and are prevented from ever entering your premises. In the process, dirt particles are directed into the spaces between the individual profiles, where they remain out of sight. In this way, your floor coverings always look clean.

Why CWS aluminium profile mats are worthwhile in your company

Outstanding quality

Our aluminium profile mats are durable, robust and lend any environment an elegant touch. We offer the high-quality aluminium frame systems in various dimensions and aluminium profile thicknesses, depending on the visitor frequency and floor load.

Maximum efficiency

Aluminium profile mats from CWS are exceptionally stable and designed for high loads. The special construction ensures that the dirt and moisture brushed off shoes are trapped between the profiles to prevent them being spread throughout the building.

Individual and flexible

The inlays for the aluminium profile mats can be customised depending on how heavily and how often they are used. For this purpose, we offer you five different varieties that can be combined with each other in any way you like.


Because we take responsibility

The regular washing process and professional maintenance the mats undergo means that they can be used again and again to absorb dirt and moisture. CWS mats are prepared for this purpose in our own special laundries, where certified washing processes protect the environment and ensure lasting cleanliness.

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In addition to dust control mats, CWS offers many other products and solutions for your business and staff. These include hygiene solutions for washrooms, as well as comfortable and protective workwear.