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For the highest industrial demands

Contamination brought in by vehicles, for example in hall entrances and in production halls, requires a particularly hard-wearing dirt-trapping system.

Why industrial mats are important for your business

The mobile, free-swinging industrial mats from CWS offer the perfect flexibility for special challenges. Contamination caused by vehicles moving in and out is significantly reduced. Vehicle tires are brushed off and cleaned when they roll over the mat.

CWS Industriematten auf dem Boden in einer Lagerhalle

Why CWS industrial mats are worth your while

Efficient against dirt

Industrial mats from CWS ensure effective cleanliness. They cope with high amounts of dirt and water directly in the entrance area and withstand the stress of vehicles.

High-quality workmanship

With our dirt-trapping mats for industrial use, you can choose from three different surfaces: scraper, high-twist nylon or cotton. They are fixed to the floor as a flexible, free-swinging system.

Flexible and individual

Three to six mats can be placed next to each other form a so-called industrial sluice. They are fixed to the floor underneath with a robust anchorage done with rubber expander. This way the mats stay in their starting position even when they are being driven over.

Personal advice

Which industrial mats are suitable for your plant? Our experts are happy to help.

Practical care for your mats

All-round carefree package with the CWS rental service

Our industrial mats are assembled by our specialists at your premises and are picked up once or twice a week to be professionally cleaned. This means that your mats always remain functional and continue to trap dirt reliably.

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Our solutions for you

CWS Solution Floor Care Entry Areas

Entrance area design

With CWS dirt-trapping mats, you can turn your entrance area into your personal business card.

CWS Solution Floor Care Health Workplace

Health at work

CWS anti-fatigue mats help to keep employees healthy and to create safe working environments

CWS Solution Floor Care Special Requirements

Special requirements

With CWS dirt-trapping mats you can prevent dirt and moisture even in areas with special requirements.


Our goal: Sustainability from start to finish

Our aim is to create more safety and satisfaction for all our customers through innovative rental solutions. We do this by reusing our products again and again, an approach that guides us throughout our service cycle: We start at the beginning and end of product life cycles and aim to optimize our processes to save resources.

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CWS Floor Care

CWS can also support you in many other areas

CWS can also support you in many other areas. In addition to our tried and tested industrial mats, we also offer many other products and solutions, such as hygiene solutions in washrooms and comfortable work and protective clothing.


Answers to frequently asked questions

Do you have any unanswered questions about our industrial mats? You’ll be sure to find the right answer here.

What’s so special about CWS industrial mats?

CWS industrial mats have a specially developed fastening system. They are fastened to the floor with flexible rubber expanders and therefore always swing back to their starting position.

When are CWS industrial mats useful?

CWS industrial mats are ideal for use in areas where dirt is transferred from the outside into a building by means of transportation vehicles (e.g. forklifts, vans, etc.).

Whereas normal dirt-trapping mats move when they are driven over, CWS industrial mats remain fixed in place and always swing back to their starting position.

What is the ‘CWS industrial sluice’?

To achieve a more effective cleaning effect, 3 – 6 industrial mats are placed in a row. This is a CWS industrial sluice. It ensures that the wheels and rollers of the transport vehicles are brushed off multiple times.