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Security technology

Deter intruders or catch them in the act. Easily implemented with appropriate security technology such as intrusion detection systems and video surveillance. Discover our products.

Protect people, secure buildings with safety technology

Everyone should feel safe and secure, whether it is in a company building or in their own home. In addition to fire protection systems, CWS also develops and installs individual security concepts and combines both worlds. From burglar alarm systems and video surveillance to fire alarm systems and access systems, we can install custom-fit security technology for you from manufacturers such as Telenot, Daitem, Hekatron, Sesam, Milesight and Milestone and take care of regular maintenance and testing.

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Custom-fit security concept, tailored precisely to your needs.

Advantages of safety technology

Damage limitation

In addition to deterrence, appropriate measures are also initiated in the event of an emergency to minimize damage caused by burglary, theft and fire.

Targeted alerting

Specific persons, the security personnel or even the local fire department are informed in a targeted manner and thus take over further steps.

Fire protection and safety

We combine as far as possible the cooperation of different security and fire protection systems for a comprehensive protection for you.

Customized security systems

Based on the security requirements, we create customized, individual solutions and, as an experienced security consultant, ensure the qualified installation and maintenance of your security systems.

Solutions in the field of safety technology


Are you interested in safety technology?

Video surveillance system

Threats, theft or security breaches happen again and again. Video surveillance can protect employees, data as well as property. Indoor and outdoor cameras as well as thermal cameras help to record the environment and support the activities of security services. They simplify the initiation of further measures or serve for reconnaissance. We can advise you and install video surveillance systems from Argus Sicherheitssysteme, Milesight, Milestone and Mobitix. We are also happy to perform the annual inspection of your video surveillance system.

Access and time recording systems

Modern access systems are the easiest way to manage access authorizations to buildings and rooms. This applies in particular to situations such as time restrictions on access, access authorization for employees who have left the company, as well as the risk posed by the loss of keys and access cards - the adaptation of access authorization can be implemented quickly and very cost-effectively.

In addition, access systems can also be combined well with other systems such as intrusion detection systems or time recording. Integrated time recording simplifies the management of overtime, payroll and other personnel matters. We are happy to advise you and install brands from Telenot, Sesam and Seccor. We are also happy to carry out the annual audit of your access and time recording system.

Zutrittskontrollsysteme für Unternehmen oder Privathäuser

Intrusion alarm system

In most cases, a burglar alarm system deters the perpetrators or catches them in the act in an emergency. The heart of burglar alarm systems is the burglar alarm control panel, which monitors the security technology in the building. This is usually connected to several detectors (e.g. light barriers, glass breakage or motion detectors) and the switching device for activating and deactivating the alarm system. In addition, transmission devices as well as optical (flashing lights) and / or acoustic devices (siren, signal generator) can be used. Optionally, the burglar alarm control panel can also automatically inform other help-helping agencies such as security services in the event of an alarm.

We are happy to advise you on the appropriate protection. We install burglar alarm systems from Telenot and thus fulfill the VdS classes A, B and C. We are happy to carry out quarterly inspections and annual maintenance or inspections for your burglar alarm system.

Einbruchmeldeanlage und Videoüberwachung

Wireless alarm system

The connection piece for various security technology is the wireless alarm system for wireless property security. It connects all safety devices such as intrusion alarm systems, fire alarm systems as well as hazard alarms for water and gas leaks, regardless of the type of installation (cabling, bus technology, radio). Various working channels are available and change immediately in the event of malfunctions or attempts at manipulation. We install wireless alarm systems from Telenot and Daitem and meet VdS classes A and B. We are happy to carry out the annual maintenance and inspection of your wireless alarm system.

Individual security solution

Certified security

The best combination for you: high-quality security systems and certifications in quality management (ISO 9001: 2015) as well as in the technical area as an installer of burglar alarm systems (EMA) and fire alarm systems (BMA) (DIN 14 675). This combination gives you the security of getting a reliable and tailor-made solution that protects you.

Combine fire protection and security technology

The safety technology can be connected to the fire alarm technology, for example in the case of fire alarm systems. Fire detectors are also switched to the control center of the security technology. In the event of a fire, measures in the security area can be carried out automatically, such as B. that elevators can no longer be used, doors or gates are unlocked or a wider group of people is informed.

We are certified installers of fire alarm systems and install systems from various manufacturers such as Telenot and Hekatron. We also carry out the quarterly inspection and annual maintenance. You can find more on this topic on the Fire Alarm Systems page.

Vernetzte Rauchmelder einer Brandmeldeanlage (BMA)


If you would like advice on security technology, please contact us.

Review of the security technology


quarterly yearly
Video surveillance system   test

Access and time recording systems

Burglar alarm system VdS class A *   maintenance
Burglar alarm system VdS class B *   maintenance + inspection
Burglar alarm system VdS class C * inspection maintenance
Wireless alarm system VdS class A *   maintenance
Wireless alarm system VdS class B *   maintenance + inspection

* deviating from this, the maintenance of certified systems of the insurance is to be carried out according to the requirements of the insurance.

Full service

CWS Solution Fire Safety Planung Beratung Dokumentation

Consulting and planning

After an exchange with you and an on-site inspection, we will provide you with manufacturer-independent advice and create a customized security concept for you.

CWS Solution Fire Safety Installation Abnahme


The project manager keeps track of all measures and is your first point of contact. Our qualified skilled workers install the modern security technology.

CWS Service Cycle Planning Documentation


After completion or acceptance of the plant, you will be trained in the use of the plant. We will hand out the necessary documents such as installation certificates and plant descriptions directly to you.


24/7 emergency availability

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help if there are any problems with the security system.

CWS Solution Fire Safety Wartung Instandhaltung

Maintenance and testing

We take care of the prescribed regular maintenance, testing and inspection and hand out all necessary certificates for insurance companies or authorities.


What do the VdS classes A, B and C mean for burglar alarm systems?

According to the Association of Non-Life Insurers, the VdS 2311 guideline defines the necessary scope of protection for valuables. The three VdS classes are divided into twelve security classes. The higher the class, the higher the risk.

  • VdS class A: Low risk - intrusion alarm systems have a low level of security against being overcome, whether they are armed or not. The alarm detectors have a medium response sensitivity.
  • VdS class B: Medium risk - burglar alarm systems have a medium level of security against being overcome, whether they are armed or not. The alarm detectors have a medium response sensitivity.
  • VdS class C: High risk - burglar alarm systems have a high degree of security against being overcome, whether they are armed or not. The alarm detectors have an increased response sensitivity. The safety of relevant functions is largely monitored.

Which fuse class makes sense for my private house or my company?

  • Household risks are protected with security classes SH1, SH2 and SH3 of Vds class A and SH1, SH2 and SH3 of VdS class B.
  • Commercial risks are protected with security classes SG1 and SG2 of VdS class B and SG3, SG4, SG5 and SG6 of VdS class C.

After an exchange, we will find out together which fuse class protects you best. We always look at the personal situation on site and then give you a recommendation.

Is the video surveillance system also recorded and, if so, for how long?

With the video surveillance systems there are options for direct live surveillance as well as recording. In the private area, you can basically determine the duration of the storage yourself. In the commercial sector, a maximum of 72 hours and, in exceptional cases, up to 10 days are permitted.

I already have a fire alarm system and would like to retrofit a security system. Is that possible?

We can combine several alarm systems. DIN 16763 describes the respective minimum requirement. The following hazard alarm systems can be combined with one another: fire alarm systems, smoke and heat extraction systems, intrusion and hold-up alarm systems, access control systems, video surveillance systems.

How do maintenance, testing and inspection differ?

The terms and respective measures are regulated in VDE 0833 and DIN 31051. Very briefly:

  • Inspection: The intended function is checked. This includes B. the alarm transmission system (AÜA) and its availability, display and actuation elements, switching devices, energy supply, and the like.
  • Check: The current state of the system is documented, and all settings, values ​​and system parts are checked. The aim is to find out whether everything is working properly. The actual state is determined and compared with the target state, e.g. B. the specifications of the manufacturer or legal basis, compared.
  • Maintenance: The aim is to restore the target state. This includes cleaning and maintenance work, replacement of wear parts, recording of measured values ​​and the like, which is intended to extend the service life of the system. The manufacturer specifies what exactly the maintenance includes. All measures are logged.

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