Automatic gate

Automatic gates close automatically in the event of fire and ensure smooth operation for larger entrances and exits with through traffic.

Automatic gate

Automatic gate


  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Consulting
  • Acceptance
  • Planning & project engineering
  • Commissioning


  • Automatic and safe closing
  • Heat-insulating, burglar-resistant, translucent
  • Integrated wicket gate possible

Automatic gate - advice, installation & maintenance

Automatic gates are automated sectional or rolling gates for interior use. They react to movement and generally secure larger entrances and exits with through traffic. They open and close automatically so that operation can continue without stopping. 

Automatic gates are made of steel, plastic, or composite materials. They are translucent, heat-insulating, have a wicket door and serve as burglary protection.

Types of automatic gates:

  1. Sectional gate: Opens vertically and lies space-savingly under the ceiling (typical garage gates)
  2. Rolling gate: gate rolls up above the opening

The automatic gates are available with a clear lacquer coating, hot-dip galvanised or with an individual RAL paint finish. The automatic gate is manufactured individually according to customer requirements.

Maintenance of automatic gates: Automatic gates must be subjected to a safety inspection and maintenance by an expert every 12 months. No problem with the all-round carefree package from CWS: We take care of all the necessary services for your gates, such as on-site inspection, consultation, installation, maintenance, and servicing.


  • Barrier-free use
  • Painting in desired colour possible


The automatic gate provides thermal insulation, so less heating is required, and heating costs are reduced.

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