Burglar alarm system

Deter burglars at an early stage or catch them in the act. A burglar alarm system with various detectors and transmission devices supports this.

Burglar alarm system

Burglar alarm system


  • Installation
  • Consulting
  • Maintenance
  • Acceptance
  • Planning & project engineering
  • Commissioning


  • Networked detectors localise burglary
  • Manual or automatic burglary detection and alarming
  • Cooperation with various manufacturers such as Telenot
  • Compliance with VdS classes A, B and C

Burglar alarm system - advice, installation & maintenance 

The burglar alarm system consists of a burglar alarm control panel, which is equipped with all detectors of the building, e.g. light barriers, glass breakage or motion detectors, as well as the switching device for activating and deactivating the alarm system. In addition, transmission devices as well as optical (flashing lights) and / or acoustic devices (siren, signaller) can be used. Optionally, the burglar alarm control panel can also automatically inform other emergency services such as security guards in the event of an alarm. 

The areas of application of burglar alarm systems include residential, office and commercial buildings as well as public facilities such as museums. Depending on the size of the building, we offer individual burglar alarm solutions - from a compact control panel with a few detectors to a bus-controlled large-scale system with more than exchanging detection groups. Regardless of the size, in most cases a burglar alarm system deters the perpetrators or catches them in the act in an emergency.

Individual security solution: CWS inspects your on-site conditions and advises you individually on your custom-fit security concept - whether office, production facility or residential building. This is followed by the planning, installation and acceptance of the alarm system. A test run is carried out and you receive instruction in the operation of the system. 

CWS burglar alarm systems comply with VdS classes A, B and C. This means that all switching devices and alarm transmitters are technologically coordinated and tested and approved by the Verband der Sachversicherer e.V. (VdS). (VdS). In addition, CWS Fire Safety is certified as an installer for intruder alarm systems (EMA) and fire alarm systems (BMA) (DIN 14 675).

Inspection and maintenance of a burglar alarm system: A burglar alarm system is to be inspected quarterly and serviced annually. As a full service provider, CWS takes care of the installation, inspection and maintenance of your intruder alarm system. 


  • Early deterrence of burglars 
  • Damage limitation 
  • Compatible with alarming of security guards etc.

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