Monique & Patrick - Employees recruit employees

Career leap with friends. Monique & Patrick show how their friendship has enriched their professional lives.

Monique, Sales Support Consultant & Patrick, ERP Specialist

Who says work can't be fun? 
At CWS Fire Safety, Patrick and Monique prove that a referral can not only lead to a new job, but also to an enriching friendship. Even before their time at CWS Fire Safety, the two had a friendship that was further strengthened by their work.

Patrick has been part of the team for over 4 years and is responsible for part of the ERP system. Monique brings a fresh energy to the team - she has been working in sales support for almost a year, where she passionately handles digital leads.

The convincing recommendation

When Patrick discovered the job posting on the career portal, he immediately seized the opportunity and told Monique about it, who was struggling with her job at the time. Patrick’s enthusiastic descriptions of CWS Fire Safety convinced Monique to apply. She smiles and says, "Patrick made CWS Fire Safety sound so appealing that I applied right away." A lucky break for both!

Monique quickly settled in and was warmly welcomed by her team. Patrick was also there to support her. Her onboarding went smoothly and it quickly became clear that she was a real asset to the team

The reward for a successful referral

For his successful referral, Patrick received a handsome cash bonus from CWS Fire Safety, which he quickly invested in shares. Boring, he thinks. We see it differently. It was a good and courageous decision that will certainly pay off. 

We sincerely thank Patrick and Monique for their dedication and their open-mindedness, which make CWS Fire Safety a great place to work!

Join the team

Are you also interested in a career at CWS Fire Safety and want to become part of our team? Patrick and Monique are ready to welcome you! Check out our job market and start writing your own success story at CWS Fire Safety!