Gerke - Passion for fire protection

For Gerke, fire protection is holistic, whether in his job at CWS Fire Safety or in the volunteer fire department.

Gerke, Security Technology Team Leader

In our series "Passion for Fire Protection," where we introduce employees who are also active in the volunteer fire department, today we introduce Gerke from the CWS Fire Safety branch in Bremen. He is the team leader for security technology there. His responsibilities include planning, installation, and maintenance of systems such as fire alarm systems or intrusion alarm systems.

From electrician to security technology team leader

Since his time in the youth fire brigade, Gerke has been socially involved and is still active in the volunteer fire department in his hometown. "I take care of maintenance in the equipment house and also keep an eye on fire protection equipment. This way, I combine my knowledge for both activities," Gerke explains. He completed an apprenticeship as an electrician for energy and building technology and has continuously developed himself through further training to his current leadership role at CWS Fire Safety.

Training Operation at CWS Fire Safety

“My comrades and I already had a training operation at CWS Fire Safety Bremen. The storage rooms were filled with smoke from a fog machine, and we had to find and rescue life-sized dummies. As a firefighter, I know you have less than 10 minutes to orient and organize yourself in an emergency. Exercises like these, as well as up-to-date fire safety plans, are extremely important to protect and save lives,” he continues.

We are glad to have people like Gerke on our team, and it shows how important it is to take a holistic approach to fire protection.

Join the team

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