Joachim - Fire protection technology professional

As a firefighter and service technician, Joachim looks after fire safety.

Passion for fire safety

Today we are introducing Joachim, whose life is closely linked to fire protection and who successfully lives out his passion both professionally and privately.

It seems to be a 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 family tradition for Joachim to be involved in the volunteer fire brigade. His father took him and his brother to the volunteer fire brigade and now Joachim has also introduced his son to the volunteer fire brigade. "I loved the team spirit in the fire brigade as a child. What's more, for me the fire brigade is not a club, but an institution.", Joachim says right at the start of our conversation.

Mutual benefits for job and volunteer fire brigade

Joachim is our man for the ♨️ smoke and heat extraction system (SHEVS) and carries out installation, maintenance and repair work. He also knows his way around 💧 extinguishing water technology. "I see the application of fire protection products as a firefighter. A SHEVS, for example, is so important for the fire brigade and simply makes it easier to keep the smoke out of the building. If it doesn't work, it's much more difficult for me as a firefighter," says Joachim, adding, "Conversely, I didn't think about the basic extinguishing capacity when I was in the fire service, e.g. how many hydrants or fire extinguishers need to be available in a building of X square metres. I only realised this when I started working as a service technician at CWS Fire Safety."

From gas and water installer to fire protection professional

Joachim trained as a gas and water fitter and has been with us since 2️⃣4️⃣ years. He can use the training courses for the fire protection trades for his job as well as for his voluntary work, which he finds "practical". When asked what other benefits he can draw from both areas, he replied: "The fire service gave me a good understanding of people and teamwork is extremely important, which I also utilise at CWS Fire Safety." 👍

Become part of the team

Do you also hold an honorary position in the volunteer fire service and would like to combine your knowledge and experience in both a private and professional environment? Take a look at our vacancies, we are looking for service technicians for fire protection throughout Germany.