Jörg - Ride along to the customer

On his first day at work, Jörg gets to know the diversity of fire protection while accompanied a service technician.

Jörg, Specialist ERP


In our series “Employees on tour”, we are introducing Jörg today, who recently joined our central team.

And for those who start their job in our central team, the first step is to ride along with one of our service technicians. That's exactly what happened with Jörg, who comes from Leipzig.

Jörg took the train to our CWS Fire Safety branch in Hamm. There he was welcomed by Mike, a service technician for technical fire protection, who put Jörg's skills to the test.


Insight into the practice

Jörg was shown how the maintenance of fire doors and smoke detectors works and also how smoke and heat extraction systems in stairwells are maintained. “The assignment was very varied, on the one hand to get to know the different trades and on the other to see the different locations. From supermarkets and residential buildings to tax offices and kindergartens, everything was there. Mike explained his job to me very well and even the children in the kindergarten listened with curiosity and asked questions,” says Jörg with a smile on his face.

Jörg's new challenge

Jörg recently joined us, and he is responsible for integrating our new ERP system and introducing and training it at our locations. "Through my ride along, I noticed how much documentation is necessary in fire protection, and optimizing this is an absolute enrichment," Jörg adds.

We thank you for this insight and wish you, Jörg, a successful start at CWS Fire Safety! It's great to have you on board!

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