Ulrich - The Managing Director Challenge

Managing Director Challenge: A story of precision, teamwork and success at CWS Fire Safety.

Ulrich, Managing Director of CWS Fire Safety

Uli mit Bohrer

When asked “Uli, do you actually know how to use tools?” our Managing Director Dr. Ulrich Schild initially returned a skeptical look, but his love of challenges was awakened and he answered “Yes”. (Okay, challenge accepted 😉) 

The CWS Fire Safety office in Duisburg was still missing a large sign of our CWS Fire Safety logo. (So that will be his job!) He came to the office with a bag and baggage, a ladder, spirit level and various tools.  

Precision work with tools

First step: The two mounting brackets had to be attached to the 2 m long sign. The exact positions were measured with a pencil and CWS Fire Safety scale and the fastenings were attached. (OK, he's done it before 👍🏻) 

Second step: Then it got a bit more challenging. The sign had to be mounted centrally above our sofa, not too high and not too low, but above all straight. As it turned out, our office floor has a preference for being uneven. (It is commendable that he noticed this while measuring for the drill holes). So we had to do the math, and our number cruncher was immediately happy.

Third step: After marking the drill holes with a CWS Fire Safety pencil, things got really serious. The impact drill was needed! To be on the safe side, he started with a 5 mm drill bit, then switched to a 6 mm bit to get the hole to the perfect size. Dowel and screw in and then the truth came to light! Will the sign hold or not? 



Uli mit Bohrer2

Team effort - the sign is up

Uli und Peter

Last step: Our second Managing Director, Peter Stahl, provided active support and the sign was hung up together. (What a beautiful symbolic image of the two advancing CWS Fire Safety together) To prove that everything is now safe and secure and that you can sit underneath the sign, the two of them had a chat on the sofa.


  • The sign is up and straight.
  • Ulrich came out healthy and undamaged.
  • We now have a beautiful office corner. (thank you! 🙏)
  • And yes, he has mastered the challenge! 

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