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Are you looking for an office job in areas such as internal sales, sales, operations or HR? We offer job opportunities nationwide.

Job opportunities nationwide

Are you seeking a professional challenge? Whether you're interested in office roles within the commercial sector, internal sales or as a technical draftsman, CWS Fire Safety is the ideal destination for you. We specialize in providing fire protection and safety technology solutions, with over 20 locations nationwide. 

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We also offer a wide range of benefits for CWS Fire Safety employees.

Bürojob Deutschlandweit CWS Fire Safety

Are you seeking an office job? CWS Fire Safety has the perfect opportunity for you!


Bürojob Controlling CWS Fire Safety

At CWS Fire Safety we are the number crunchers. Our mission? Rocking financial data, crafting budgets and optimizing financial performance. But we're more than just Excel enthusiasts, we're in constant communication with our branches.

We forecast and generate financial reports that offer valuable insights, not just raw numbers. Together, we bring transparency to the complex world of finance, empowering informed business decisions. If diving into the world of numbers excites you, then seize the opportunity, apply now, and become part of our dynamic controlling team. 

Are you passionate about playing with numbers? Join us in controlling.

Human Resources

Welcome to the HR team, the linchpin of our organization´s succes. In this office job, you will have exciting opportunities to engage in recruiting, onboarding and employee development.

Our mission? The development of talents! At our internal training center, the "Fire Safety Academy," we offer a diverse range of training programs for both technical and administrative roles. If you're motivated by the opportunity to discover and nurture talent while shaping a positive company culture, then let's not only shape the future of each team member but also the future of CWS Fire Safety together. Apply now to join our HR team.

Bürojob Human Resources CWS Fire Safety

Passionate about talent acquisition and ensuring employee satisfaction? Join our HR team today!

Internal Sales

Bürojob Innendienst

In internal sales, everything converges and your skills as a team player are invaluable. You communicate with customers and are in dialogue with service technicians. You keep things running smoothly by overseeing operations. If you thrive in a dynamic role, value teamwork, and seek personal growth opportunities, then internal sales is the perfect fit for you! Showcase your talents and apply now for an internal sales position that promises not only enjoyment but also meaningful impact!

You're a team player and organizational pro? Come join our internal team at one of our nationwide branches.


Are you interested in designing processes and handling data? In our operations team, we implement integration and transformation projects, as well as define and optimize workflows for our ERP system. This keeps our business running smoothly and ensures process optimization, work quality, and data transparency.

Our data governance team is responsible for data quality and works on strategies to make the best use of information. Does this fascinate you as much as it does us? Then let us start on this journey together with your new office job! We are always looking for bright minds who want to help shape our operations area. Take the first step and apply now!

Bürojob Operations CWS Fire Safety

You want to implement projects and ensure quality in processes and data? Get the office job and join us in the operations team.

Technical Draftsmen

Bürojob Technischer Zeichner CWS Fire Safety

You pay close attention to detail and enjoy creating technical drawings? We need you to create fire department plans, escape and rescue plans and fire department route maps.  You understand that these plans, in case of emergency, are not just pieces of paper, but provide guidance for individuals and emergency services. From building surveys to coordination with specialist departments and authorities, you ensure that our customers' buildings become safer. If you're ready to use your eye for detail and skills for safety, then we should get to know each other! Get your next office job and join our team.

Are you passionate about technical drawing? Match! We look forward to hearing from you!

Sales and Marketing

At our company, everything revolves around the customer. We develop marketing and sales strategies to launch our products and services in fire protection and safety technology. Customer satisfaction is our daily goal.

In sales, we are the interface between our trade and our customers. We nurture relationships like professionals, establish new contacts and ensure that our customers are happy. Marketing is our creative engine that strengthens our brand. With innovative campaigns, we not only spread our messages, but also generate customers. For us, marketing and sales belong together - this is the only way we can have a sustainable and positive impact. Are you ready to rock the marketing and sales stage with us? Then go ahead, get your office job, apply now and become part of our team.

Bürojob Vertrieb Marketing CWS Fire Safety

The customer first? That's how it should be! Join our team and enhance our market presence.

Your benefits at CWS Fire Safety

The way of your application

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Submit application

To apply for an office job, you only need to provide your contact information and resume.

(time: 5-10 minutes)

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Reviewing application

We will check whether your profile matches the required knowledge and skills for the office job and will get back to you as soon as possible.

(approx. 1-2 weeks after application)

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Invitation to an interview

We will either meet in person at our location or via video call. 1-2 people from the specialist department take part in the interview.

(approx. 1-3 weeks after application)

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Maybe another interview

There may be a follow-up interview with the department.

(approx. 3-4 weeks after application)

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If you are successfully selected, you will receive the employment contract for signing. If it does not work out this time, we will inform you with a rejection.

(approx. 4 weeks after application)

Frequently asked questions from applicants

How do I apply?

You are welcome to use our job exchange. There you will find all vacancies. The online application process starts with each job offer. All you need to do is enter your contact details and upload your resume (max. 5 MB) and your application is ready to go!

I haven't found a suitable office job. Can I still apply?

Yes, definitely! Feel free to submit an unsolicited application. We look forward to hearing from you!

How long does the application process take?

It depends on the specific job position. Typically, the timeframe for an office job ranges from two to four weeks.

What development opportunities are available at CWS Fire Safety?

There are numerous opportunities for your development. You can deepen your knowledge through training or by exchanging ideas with experienced colleagues. You can also progress into another commercial or technical area. Annually, you will have a development discussion with your manager, where you can discuss your progress.

How can I check the status of my application?

When you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. Until you hear from us, your application is still under review. For interviews, we will contact you directly by e-mail or telephone. The application process usually takes two to four weeks.

Any questions about office jobs?


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