Escape and rescue plans

Escape and rescue plans provide quick orientation through a simplified building sketch. In addition, fire extinguishers and wall hydrants are also drawn in.

Escape and rescue plans

Escape and rescue plans


  • Support from CWS fire protection officer
  • Installation
  • Consulting
  • Check
  • Planning & Creation


  • Legally compliant implementation
  • Easy updating of escape and rescue plans possible

Escape and rescue plans - advice, preparation & updating

Escape and rescue plans facilitate orientation in buildings. With a simplified building sketch, they give people an overview of possible escape routes or other life-saving places in order to be able to react correctly in dangerous situations. As part of the fire protection concept, they must be installed in public areas as well as at workplaces in a clearly visible and permanent manner.

Furthermore, there is a legal obligation to attach escape and rescue plans in accordance with § 4 of the German Workplace Ordinance (Arbeitsstättenverordnung) as well as ASR A1.3, A2.2 and A2.3 (German Technical Rules for Workplaces). Escape plans must also be clearly designed: DIN ISO 23601 defines the content, colours, safety signs, scale as well as size of letters and elements. In addition, DIN EN ISO 7010 also applies with regard to the safety signs to be used in escape and rescue plans.

Checking and updating escape and rescue plans: Escape and rescue plans must always be up-to-date and must be checked and updated at regular intervals. The time intervals are to be determined independently with the service provider, taking into account legal and technical changes.

All-round carefree package: CWS Fire Safety analyses the local conditions for you and combines them with legal and regional requirements to create a legally compliant escape and rescue plan. In addition, we offer high-quality frames, escape route signage and emergency lighting in accordance with ISO 7010 standards, as well as quick and easy subsequent updating as a service at any time.


  • Large selection of high-quality frames, escape route signage and emergency lighting
  • Regional experts with necessary local knowledge throughout Germany

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