Fire blanket

Simple and good addition to fire extinguishers: the flame-retardant fire blanket is suitable as an aid for small fires of fire class A and B.

Fire blanket

Fire blanket


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  • Extinguishing blankets are suitable for fires of fire classes A and B
  • A good addition to fire extinguishers

Fire blanket - advice & assembly

The fire blanket is a supplementary aid for small fires, which stops the oxygen supply to the source of the fire. This deprives the fire of its basis, and the fire blanket virtually suffocates it.  The fire blanket should preferably only be used for objects; it is less suitable for rescuing people. It is used in commercial and public areas, e.g. kitchens, living areas, workshops with sensitive equipment or rooms with small machines. 

The fire blanket is suitable for fires of the following fire classes:

  • Fire class A: solid, mainly organic materials (e.g. wood, paper, textiles)
  • Fire class B: liquid substances or substances that become liquid (e.g. varnish, tar, petrol)

We would like to expressly point out that according to the latest findings (in contrast to earlier recommendations), fire blankets are not suitable for fat fires. In addition, fire blankets are not a complete replacement for a fire extinguisher or other fire protection equipment. In other words, they are supplementary to provide quick additional help in the event of smaller fires.

Fire blankets are made of flame-retardant materials such as glass fibre fabric, Nomex or flame-retardant treated wool. 

Our tip: Always keep fire blankets in an easily accessible place, ideally within easy reach of a fire extinguisher, and in such a way that the grip pockets are clearly visible. In an emergency, please ensure that the blanket completely covers the source of the fire so that the fire is safely smothered. Do not remove the blanket until the fire has cooled down completely.

No maintenance intervals are specified for fire blankets. Fire blankets should be replaced immediately after use. We recommend checking the condition of the blanket regularly.

CWS offers fire blankets including delivery and installation.


  • Use in commercial and public areas
  • Fire blanket with pockets to protect your hands
  • With integrated eyelet for easy fixing to the wall

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