Fire Curtains

Fire protection curtains are textile fire barriers for an open room design. They are installed in the ceiling to save space and are lowered in the event of a fire.

Fire Curtains

Fire Curtains


  • Maintenance
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  • Fire curtains are space-saving compared to fire protection doors

Fire protection curtains - advice, installation & maintenance

Fire curtains are textile flexible systems (textile fire protection closures) for fire barriers in an open room design. They are installed concealed in the ceiling and roof area. In normal operation a fire curtain is rolled up to save space and is only lowered in the event of a fire. The automatic closing of the fire curtain directly counteracts the spread of dangerous smoke and fire gases. Fire curtains are made of a special glass fabric and are available in different fire resistance classes.

Fire protection curtains are mainly used when an open room design is desired for architectural reasons or when retrofitting is required, e.g. in shopping centres, museums, event locations, hotels, office buildings or other public buildings.

Types of fire curtains:

  1. Smoke apron (DIN EN 12101-1, or 1634-3): holds back smoke in an emergency
  2. Smoke protection closure (DIN 18095-3, or DIN EN 1634-3): Similar to the smoke curtain with stricter requirements, i.e. it is used in the area of escape and rescue routes
  3. Fire protection closure (DIN EN 1634-1, or 13501-02 and 1634-3): retains smoke as well as fire

Fire resistance classes for fire protection curtains:

  • T30 or E30
  • T60 or E60
  • T90 or E90
  • T120 or E120
  • T180

Furthermore, CWS fire curtains meet all important standards: These include DIN EN 12101, DIN 18095, DIN 1634 and DIN 13501.

Maintenance of fire curtains: Every 12 months a safety inspection and maintenance of the fire curtains by an expert, such as CWS Fire Safety, is mandatory. We offer you advice, installation, and regular inspection of fire curtains from one source.


  • Curtains are installed in a visually sophisticated way
  • Retrofitting is easily possible
  • Surface can be designed as desired

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