Fire extinguishers for burning fat

Easy to use and especially suitable for extinguishing fat fires, e.g. in bakeries, large kitchens, canteens or restaurants.

Fire extinguishers for burning fat

Fire extinguishers for burning fat


  • Support from CWS fire protection officer
  • Installation
  • Consulting
  • Maintenance
  • Instruction / Training


  • Maintenance overview through digital fire protection file

Grease fire extinguishers - advice, installation & maintenance

The CWS fire extinguisher for burning fat is used to quench small fires of fire classes A, B and F.

  • Fire class A: solid, predominantly organic substances, e.g. wood, paper, textiles.
  • Fire class B: liquid substances or substances that become liquid, e.g. varnish, tar, petrol
  • Fire class F: edible oils and fats

The CWS oil fire extinguisher with its extinguishing agent, a salt solution or foam extinguishing agent, is specialised in extinguishing burning fat and is therefore often purchased as a fire extinguisher in bakeries, canteen kitchens, snack bars, (system) catering, shipping and the like. The fat fire extinguisher is officially tested and approved (DIN EN 3, GS and CE).

Fire extinguishers with AF-Premix extinguishing agent saponify on contact with the burning fat and thus form a compact layer. In this way, the edible oil or fat is cooled below the auto-ignition temperature, preventing the fire from re-burning.

The CWS oil fire extinguisher is a permanent or rechargeable fire extinguisher and can be used in the functional range from -30 °C to +60 °C. It is also approved for use on electrical systems of up to 1,000 volts (minimum distance 1 m). If you buy a portable oil fire extinguisher, it can be used with a wall bracket or floor stand.

Please note: In commercial and public buildings, fire extinguishers must be serviced at least every two years by an expert such as CWS Fire Safety (DIN 14 406). With our digital fire protection file from CWS Fire Safety you are always informed which fire extinguishers need to be serviced and when. At CWS, you receive an all-round carefree package: we supply, install, and maintain your grease fire extinguishers.

Maintenance of fire extinguishers by CWS
We are happy to come to you for fire extinguisher maintenance. However, if you have fewer than 5 fire extinguishers and no other fire protection equipment is serviced by us, we can offer to service the fire extinguishers at our CWS Fire Safety branch. Contact your nearest CWS Fire Safety branch in advance to drop off and pick up the extinguisher. If you have more fire extinguishers or other fire protection equipment, we will come directly to you as usual.


  • For fire class A, B and F
  • Frost-proof, also suitable for outdoor areas
  • Easy to use, even for laymen
  • Used in bakeries, canteen kitchens, canteens, snack bars, catering, shipping, system catering, etc.


Due to the exchangeable extinguishing agent, the CWS fire extinguisher for burning fat is reusable and thus particularly resource-saving.

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