Fire protection ducts

Fire protection ducts for ventilation systems and electrical lines ensure the functionality of important technical systems such as the emergency power supply.

Fire protection ducts

Fire protection ducts


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  • Available in fire resistance classes F30, F90 and F120

Fire protection ducts - consultation, implementation & acceptance

Fire protection ducts (L-I-duct as well as E-duct) protect escape and rescue routes. They prevent cable fires and, in the event of a fire, ensure the functional integrity of critical electrical systems or ventilation systems. In this way, they actively contribute to the protection of people and buildings. Fire protection ducts are recommended for certain structural facilities by the building permit and the fire protection concept. The respective German guideline for cable systems (LAR) specifies the requirements.

There are three different types of fire protection ducts, depending on the type of exposure or the protection target:

  1. L-duct: The ventilation duct cladding protects escape and rescue routes from the spread of smoke and fire through the ventilation system and ventilation ducts in the building. This also includes smoke evacuation and kitchen exhaust ducts.
  2. I-duct: The installation duct protects escape and rescue routes from the spread of a cable fire. Electrical cables are routed in a fire protection duct, which can withstand special stresses from inside or outside. Fire, smoke, heat or toxic gases cannot escape to the outside for a defined period of time. This fire protection duct prevents the fire from spreading to other rooms.
  3. E-duct: The cables of important electrical installations are protected from fire by the special material composition from the outside. Protective electrical installations can be fire alarm systems, fire brigade lifts, safety lighting, emergency power systems, and much more.

All three versions of the fire protection duct are available from CWS in fire resistance classes F30, F90 and F120.

The CWS all-round carefree package: We provide consulting, planning, and implementation of fire protection ducts. You will receive documentation with photos and descriptions of the individual fire protection ducts. This gives you and your insurance company the certainty that the installation of the fire protection ducts has been carried out professionally.



  • Fire protection duct protects escape and rescue routes as well as ventilation and electrical lines.


Sustainable protection and functioning of important ventilation systems or electrical installations, such as fire alarm systems.

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