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Fire doors, gates and door extensions

Fire doors and gates save lives in case of fire. CWS supports you with selection, installation and maintenance.

Fire protection doors and fire protection gates are fire protection closures. They secure necessary passages between individual fire compartments against the passage of flames, heat and smoke. In buildings, they are therefore a central component for preventive fire protection.

In addition, they must be operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As a result, they require regular maintenance by experts. Our experts ensure the operational readiness of fire doors, gates and hold-open systems. We will be happy to advise you on:

  • Selection and installation
  • Optional extensions
  • Testing and maintenance
We are your expert for fire protection doors - Germany-wide!

Installation of fire doors and gates

CWS Fire Safety supports you in the installation of fire doors and gates. We are partners of renowned manufacturers and guarantee fast availability and installation according to valid specifications.

To this end, the portfolio includes both fire protection and smoke protection doors with standard and special dimensions for diverse areas of application. In this way, your building is protected in the best possible way, without compromising on aesthetics.

Fire door

Prevents the spread of fire
T30, T60, T90
Wood, glass, steel, aluminium
Various brand manufacturers
Smoke protection (RS) optional

Smoke protection door

Prevents the spread of smoke
Wood, glass, steel, aluminium,
Various brand manufacturers
RS door = smoke protection door without fire resistance

Products from various manufacturers

We work together with various manufacturers of fire doors, hold-open systems and escape route safety systems:

Fire doors:Hörmann, Novoferm, Priorit, Schörghuber, Schüco und Westag & Getalit
Hold-open systems:Dorma, Geze und Hekatron
Escape route safety systems:ASSA ABLOY, DORMA, eff eff, GEZE, GFS und Schüco

Optional extensions

Hold-open system and escape route protection

Hold-open systems are fitted to fire doors that are to remain open during everyday operation. They ensure that the door or gate closes automatically in an emergency to prevent the spread of smoke and fire. The same applies to automatic doors.

Important: Wedging fire doors is prohibited!

Various electronic security devices such as door monitors, door control units or escape door bonnets prevent the misuse of emergency exit doors. With the help of these door extension systems, you can use the doors and gates without any problems in case of fire.


Inspection and maintenance of fire doors

In an emergency, fire doors must function perfectly. Consequently, a safety inspection and maintenance is due every 12 months. The Technical Rules for Workplaces (ASR A1.7 para. 10.2), DIN 14677, accident prevention regulations as well as DIBt guidelines and the manufacturer's test certificate must be observed. For example, the inspection, maintenance and repair of a fire door may only be carried out by experts in accordance with ASR A1.7.

Good to know: Hold-open systems, on the other hand, must be inspected monthly by the operator or his authorised representative and annually by an expert.

The qualified CWS Fire Safety Team will be happy to assist you with the inspection, maintenance and repair of fire doors, gates and door extension systems.




Questions and answers

Which fire doors are available?

There are fire doors made of different materials, e.g. wood, glass, steel or aluminium, in modern and aesthetic designs. Consequently, compromises in aesthetics to meet fire protection requirements are no longer necessary.

Which fire door do I need?

The selection of a fire door depends on many factors. These include the place of use, regional specifications, the required fire resistance class or the visual requirements in your building.

Our experienced experts will be happy to support you in the optimal selection of doors so that your building meets the fire protection requirements while retaining its aesthetics.

How do I recognise a fire door?

Fire protection doors must be comprehensively marked according to DIN 4102-5. In addition to a notice such as "Keep fire door closed", the approval plate affixed in the door rebate on the hinge side is indispensable. It contains information on the fire resistance class (fire-retardant, fire-resistant), the manufacturer's name and year, the approval number and the certificate of conformity "Ü".

What are the specifications for the installation of fire doors?

Since September 2019, fire and smoke protection closures may only be installed in accordance with DIN EN 16034. The CE marking procedure based on a classification report according to EN 13501-2 replaces the general building authority approvals and the general building authority test certificate (abP) for smoke protection closures. Magnetic clamp systems additionally require a red manual pushbutton with the inscription "Close door" or "Close fire protection closure" (point 4 of the guidelines for hold-open systems).

Why are door extension systems useful?

Fire doors are self-closing and, due to their constant opening, often hinder everyday operational activities and restrict accessibility. As a result, doors are often wedged open or held open with a heavy object. However, this disables the doors for fire protection! Thus, deliberately holding doors open is negligent from the point of view of fire protection - the legislator even considers this a criminal offence.

A hold-open system solves the problem and is particularly recommended in buildings with heavy business and public traffic: doors can remain open and close automatically in case of fire. Escape and rescue routes remain usable and the passage of fire to other parts of the building is limited.

How often is the inspection of fire doors and hold-open systems necessary?

Fire doors must be inspected once a year by a competent person. Hold-open systems must be inspected monthly by the operator or his authorised representative and annually by a competent person.

Who inspects fire doors?

The inspection, maintenance and repair of fire doors must be carried out by experts in accordance with ASR A1.7.

CWS Fire Safety service technicians have the necessary expertise. In addition, the installation and maintenance of doors is an everyday routine for our experienced technicians.

Do you have any questions about fire doors or gates?

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