Access control system

Whether office, laboratory or technical rooms: only corrected persons have access.

Access control system

Access control system


  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Consulting
  • Acceptance
  • Planning & project engineering
  • Commissioning


  • Easy management of access authorisations and access controls  
  • Compatible with intrusion detection and time recording systems 
  • Cooperation with various manufacturers such as Telenot, Sesamsec and ABUS Seccor

Access control systems - consulting, installation & testing 

Access control systems simplify the management of access authorisations to buildings and rooms by means of person identification and selection. This means that they automatically check the access authorisation of persons (including time restrictions) and prevent unauthorised access, e.g. of employees who have left the company. Access control systems are nowadays an integral part of a multifunctional overall security concept and regulate who, when and to what access is granted. 


Areas of application for access control systems 

Frequent fields of application for access control systems include office buildings, conference centres, laboratories, technical rooms and security gates. Depending on the area of application, access control systems offer: 

  • general object protection 
  • differentiated protection of operational areas  
  • graduated protection of secrets 
  • comprehensive protection of specific data and material assets  

The access authorisations in the access control system can be adapted quickly and cost-effectively. Access controls can be adapted per door, room or security area as well as the respective prerequisites (badge, PIN code, 4-eyes principle). 


Combining access control systems with other systems 

In addition, access control systems can be combined with other security systems such as intrusion detection systems or time and attendance systems. An integrated time and attendance system simplifies the management of overtime, payroll and other personnel matters.  


Audit of an access control system 

Access control systems must be audited annually


All-round carefree package: CWS carries out the consultation, planning, installation and preparation for acceptance. Access control systems must be tested annually. With a maintenance contract from CWS, we automatically take care of the timely testing of your access control system. Request a quote now.


  • Time limits on access 
  • Quick and inexpensive adjustments to access authorisations 
  • Time recording simplifies management of overtime etc.


Lost transponders are simply blocked in the access control system. A cost-intensive replacement of the locking system due to lost keys is not necessary.

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