Natural smoke extraction system (NRA system)

NRA systems discharge smoke from the building via openings, keep escape routes clear and thus protect people.

Natural smoke extraction system (NRA system)

Natural smoke extraction system (NRA system)


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  • Planning & Creation
  • Maintenance
  • Support from CWS fire protection officer
  • Consulting


  • Energy-efficient through use of natural forces (thermal buoyancy principle)
  • Pneumatic drive is independent of the power grid.
  • Electric actuator has an emergency power supply.
  • Pyrotechnic drive blows up large exhaust openings very quickly.

Natural smoke exhaust system - advice, installation & maintenance

Natural smoke extraction systems (NSHS) are installed in the exterior walls and ceilings of buildings. The toxic smoke, which forms quickly in a fire and is hazardous to health, is thus safely discharged via exhaust air openings (NSHEV).


How a natural smoke ventilation system works

The natural smoke extraction system uses the natural forces of the thermal buoyancy principle. Hot smoke and heat rise upwards and are discharged through an opening (skylight, heat exhaust window). At the same time, fresh air is introduced through lower openings (windows, doors). This pushes out the smoke and creates a natural air flow.

The natural smoke extraction system is triggered either automatically by smoke detectors or manually by emergency release buttons. There are three types of drive for opening exhaust air openings:

  • Pneumatic drive: The thermal drive is independent of the power grid.
  • Electric drive: The motor-operated drive has an integrated emergency power supply for 72 hours.
  • Pyrotechnic drive: The explosive charge opens large exhaust openings very quickly. Particularly suitable for large production halls or warehouses as well as stairwells.


Location of natural smoke ventilation systems

Natural smoke extraction systems are installed in rooms where a sufficient opening is available or can be built. Typical locations for natural smoke extraction systems are stairwells, shopping centres, exhibition halls, sports stadiums, industrial buildings as well as production halls or warehouses.

Additional benefits of a natural smoke extraction system

Natural smoke extraction systems with electric drives can also be used as ventilation systems. Fresh outside air can flow into the room through smoke extraction openings or flaps in the rooms concerned and the stale or polluted air can be extracted.


Maintenance of a natural smoke extraction system

The natural smoke extraction system must be serviced once a year by a competent person. In addition, the operator must carry out a visual inspection once a year


All-round carefree package: We advise you, install natural smoke extraction systems and prepare everything for acceptance by an expert. Once the natural smoke extraction system is in operation, we will gladly take care of the annual maintenance for you. Ask for a non-binding offer.


  • Low smoke rooms possible in a short time
  • Additional benefit to general ventilation and natural light
  • Lower costs than with mechanical smoke extraction systems


Natural smoke extraction systems use thermal buoyancy and air pressure to direct smoke out of the building.

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