Fire protection in dry construction

Safe fire bulkheads of walls and ceilings that retain fire and smoke for up to 90 min. in dry construction.

Fire protection in dry construction

Fire protection in dry construction


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  • Brandschotts für Wände, Decken, Schachtkonstruktionen, Träger- und Stützenbekleidung und Kabel- und Lüftungskanäle

Fire protection in dry construction - advice, implementation & documentation

The same fire protection objectives apply in dry construction as in other construction areas. Constructed walls, ceilings and the like must be manufactured and installed in a fire-protection-safe manner, even if they are only considered room boundaries and not load-bearing. 


Area of application of fire protection in dry construction

The areas of application of fire-proof dry construction include all classes of buildings where the interior is being constructed or renovated. The materials used (such as gypsum boards) meet the building regulations for fire protection and are available in fire resistance classes F30 (fire-retardant), F60 (highly fire-retardant) and F90 (fire-resistant)

Fire bulkheads are installed for the following areas:

  • Wall systems
  • Ceiling systems
  • Shaft constructions
  • Beam and column cladding
  • Cable and ventilation ducts (E and E ducts)

Fire protection requirements for dry construction

Fire protection requirements for building materials per building class are defined in the Model Building Code (MBO) and in the respective state building codes (LBO) of the federal states.

All-round carefree package: CWS carries out the consultation, planning and implementation of fire protection in dry construction. Finally, you receive documentation on request with photos and descriptions. This gives you and your insurance company the certainty that the fire protection in dry construction has been installed professionally.


  • Available in fire resistance classes F30, F60 and F90


Sustainable protection of the building's fabric through fire-proof drywall constructions.

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