Fire protection housing

Fire protection housings offer protection for energy and distribution systems in the event of a fire.

Fire protection housing

Fire protection housing


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  • Protection against fire spread for at least 30 or 90 minutes.
  • Many extensions are optionally possible, such as ventilation openings.

Fire protection housing - advice, implementation and documentation

Fire protection housings (also called fire protection slip-on housings) offer effective fire protection for energy and distribution systems. They prevent the spread of fire and smoke, so escape and rescue routes remain usable for at least 30 or 90 minutes.


Causes of fires in power and distribution systems

Fire triggers include short circuits, loose components, faulty insulation or overvoltages in electrical switchgear. A fire protection slip-on housing prevents the spread for a certain time.

Variants of fire protection housings

  • Wall attachment housing
  • Recessed wall housing
  • Stand housing

The fire protection slip-on housings are available in fire resistance classes F30 and F90.


Extension to the fire protection housing

Optionally, fire protection housings are also available with ventilation openings, fans with cold smoke barriers, air conditioning or with safety systems for early smoke and fire detection inside the housing.


All-round carefree package: CWS will advise you in detail and take care of the planning and installation of the fire protection slip-on housing. You will then receive detailed documentation on request, including photos and descriptions of the individual fire protection housings. In this way, you and your insurance company can understand the professional implementation.


  • Protection for power and distribution systems
  • Available in fire resistance classes F30 and F90


Existing machines and systems are protected against fire.

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