Fire-resistant cladding

Fire protection cladding of steel beams, ventilation ducts or electrical installation provides protection against the spread of smoke and fire.

Fire-resistant cladding

Fire-resistant cladding


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  • Components are at least 30 min or 90 min. Fire protected

Fire protection cladding - advice, implementation & acceptance

A fire-resistant cladding, also called fire protection clothing or fire protection enclosure, is the cladding of components that require special additional protection, such as load-bearing steel girders, ventilation lines or media such as pipes and lines. CWS not only ensures that the cases meet all specific fire protection requirements, but also that they are visually appealing. For example, beams or columns made of steel and wood with fire protection cladding can withstand fire and smoke for at least 30 or 90 minutes longer. This ensures that life-saving escape and rescue routes are kept clear for those people and the fire brigade.

CWS offers fire-resistant cladding for a wide variety of steel girders, wooden girders, ventilation lines and media such as pipes, lines, electrical installations in fire resistance classes F30 and F90.

Take advantage of our all-round carefree package: CWS Fire Safety will advise, plan and implement the fire-resistant cladding. Finally, you will receive all documentation such as photo documentation, all installation certificates, manufacturer documents and the declaration of performance for the individual fire-resistant cladding. This gives you, the building authority and your insurance company the guarantee that the fire-resistant cladding enclosure has been applied professionally.


  • Different cladding for steel beams, wooden beams, ventilation ducts and media such as pipes, cables, electrical installation available


Portable components in the building are kept upright.

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