CWS Locations for Fire Safety

CWS' head office is located in Duisburg. However, you can also get in touch with the other locations in Germany, for example the Koblenz, Münster, or Ingolstadt branches. Here is an overview of all locations in alphabetical order including addresses and telephone numbers.

Contact partner for fire safety

CWS Fire Safety is your contact when it comes to fire protection - throughout Germany!

Contact our regional contacts at the branch office directly. If you have several locations, please feel free to contact the head office in Duisburg.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Bielefeld branch

T +49 521 98898 0

CWS Fire Safety GmbH
Grafenheider Straße 103
33729 Bielefeld

CWS Fire Safety Team Bielefeld

Bonn branch

T +49 22865 8133

Limbach Brandschutz- und Sicherheitstechnik GmbH – ein Unternehmen der CWS-Gruppe
Auf der Kaiserfuhr 43
53127 Bonn

Rotes Fahrzeug mit ehemaliger Werbung zu Limbach Brandschutz

Dreieich branch

T +49 6103 50484 20

CWS Fire Safety GmbH
Lise-Meitner-Straße 3-5
63303 Dreieich

CWS Fire Safety Team in Dreieich

Frankfurt branch

T +49 6198 58838 0

CWS Fire Safety GmbH
Am Quarzitbruch 1a
65817 Eppstein

FS CWS Fire Safety Team Frankfurt

Göttingen branch

T +49 5503 8058 33

CWS Fire Safety GmbH
Im Kampfelde 1
37176 Nörten-Hardenberg

CWS Fire Safety Team Göttingen - Brandschutz

Hamm branch

T +49 2381 403030

CWS Fire Safety GmbH
Weetfelder Str. 122
59077 Hamm

CWS Fire Safety Team Hamm Brandschutz

Ingolstadt branch

T +49 841 885438 0

Brandschutz Seidl GmbH – Ein Unternehmen der CWS-Gruppe
Friedrichshofener Straße 1h
85049 Ingolstadt

Team CWS Fire Safety Ingolstadt Brandschutz

Koblenz branch

T +49 2622 4169 oder +49 2622 8864 0

CWS Fire Safety GmbH
Wieselweg 1
56566 Neuwied

Münster branch

T +49 251 5308 9891

CWS Fire Safety GmbH
Buldernweg 61
48163 Münster

Brandschutz-Team CWS Fire Safety Münster

Reutlingen branch

M +49 173 666 7533

CWS Fire Safety GmbH
Erlenstraße 1
72639 Neuffen

Team CWS Fire Safety Reutlingen

Contact person at the head office

Duisburg head office

T +49 203 98716 58541

CWS Fire Safety GmbH
Franz-Haniel-Platz 6-8
47119 Duisburg

CWS Fire Safety Zentrale in Duisburg