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Fire safety planning | Help for responsible persons

Are you an architect, specialist planner or expert?
Find out how we can support you in fire protection planning.

Fire protection planning from a single source

As a full-service fire protection provider, we offer a diverse product portfolio for various requirements and challenges in preventive fire protection. You receive individual fire protection solutions from a single source. We take care of fire protection planning as well as the installation and maintenance of fire protection facilities throughout Germany.

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Advantages of fire protection planning with CWS

Fire safety from a single source

As a full-service provider, we advise, plan and create fire protection facilities and put fire protection concepts into practice. At the same time, our experts take care of installation and maintenance.

Certified specialist company

CWS Fire Safety is certified according to VdS ISO 9001 as well as a recognised specialist company for fire alarm systems according to TÜV DIN 14675 and SHE systems according to BHE.

Germany-wide in action

We are represented by branches throughout Germany and are also there for you in your area.

Personal contact persons

For optimal fire protection planning and support, we provide you with a regional contact person who will advise you individually and professionally.

Fire protection planning for engineers, specialist planners and architects

A fire protection concept or proof is an important part in every construction planning and an important component of the building application according to the Model Building Code (MBO). The earlier preventive fire protection measures are included in construction planning, the better the architectural design can be realised. In addition, complex adaptations and thus additional costs can be avoided by planning fire protection measures at an early stage.

For this purpose, it is necessary for a specialist planner to define a fire protection concept with a catalogue of services, taking into account the building law and insurance requirements. For this purpose, the protection goal of the preventive fire protection measures is defined depending on the building class, fire protection and insurance requirements.

Do you need a fire protection concept?
We will be happy to find a suitable partner for you. Based on the fire protection concept, we will be happy to plan and install the necessary fire protection equipment.

Fire protection for architects and specialist planners?

We show you what you need to fire protection.

After the fire protection concept has been drawn up, the concrete fire protection planning is carried out by the experts at CWS Fire Safety. This means that our experts plan the fire protection equipment - whether fire alarm, smoke heat extraction or extinguishing systems - according to the service catalogue for the respective building. In doing so, they take into account and coordinate with other trades such as the technical building equipment.

This is followed by the installation and acceptance of the fire protection equipment. The project is completed after acceptance by the building authorities. However, maintenance and inspection intervals are specified for all fire protection systems. This means that fire protection equipment must be inspected by competent persons such as CWS Fire Safety.

Do you need support in implementing the fire protection concept?
We will be happy to advise you on the basis of the fire protection concept and take over fire protection planning as well as coordination with specialist planners, authorities or insurance companies.

Contact us now for your fire protection planning.

Support for fire protection and safety officers

CWS Fire Safety is active for you as a full-service provider in fire protection. This means we can provide you with experts for every section in preventive fire protection - whether for extinguishing systems, fire alarm systems, smoke and heat extraction systems or wall hydrants.

Get an overview of our product portfolio.

Our fire protection products

Automatic extinguishing systems

Fire alarm systems

Fire safety plans

Fire Extinguishers

Hydrants and extinguishing water

Smoke extraction systems

Doors, gates and door extension systems

Fire protection planning by experts.

Our technical experts supervise and support you throughout Germany in the implementation of fire protection measures in your company.

Together we determine the risks and implement optimal fire protection measures for your company. In addition, we conduct fire protection briefings and training for fire protection and evacuation assistants for you.

Contact the experts at CWS Fire Safety.

You need support with the organisation of preventive fire protection in your company?

Fire protection advice for employees of authorities and municipalities

Preventive fire protection for buildings is based on complex laws and regulations such as the state building codes. According to these, buildings must be constructed, operated and maintained in such a way that the development or spread of fire is prevented and successful extinguishing work is possible in the event of fire. CWS Fire Safety will be happy to advise you on the latest developments and changes in fire protection. As a full service provider, we have experts for each section who will advise you personally and individually.

CWS Fire Safety as a full-range supplier

As a full-service provider in preventive fire protection, CWS Fire Safety has an extensive product and service portfolio. Consequently, we offer individual fire protection solutions for every trade and the appropriate fire protection service throughout Germany.

Our experts take care of fire protection planning and install and maintain your fire protection equipment. In addition, we conduct fire protection briefings and training for fire protection and evacuation assistants.

Fire protection planning

Are you up to date?

Do you know the latest fire protection developments?
Or are you interested in a specific trade?

Contact our experts and get first-hand news to develop recommendations for action or evaluate fire protection concepts.

Advice for fire protection experts


CWS Fire Safety's broad product portfolio, with subject matter experts in every field, makes it possible to develop solutions for complex fire protection requirements.

Our expert advisors are always at the cutting edge of technology to provide our customers with the best possible and holistic fire protection. It does not matter whether it is a new or existing building - we will find the optimal fire protection solution for more safety.


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The CWS experts will be happy to advise and exchange ideas with you on the latest fire protection trends.

We will be happy to work with you to develop fire protection solutions for challenging projects and support you in the implementation of fire protection concepts.


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