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Installation and approval of fire safety equipment

CWS installs fire extinguishers, SHEVS, extinguishing systems and other fire protection equipment until they are approved by an expert.

Installation, inspection and documentation

In addition to installations and preliminary inspections ready for approval by the relevant authority, we document our work and show you how to use your fire safety equipment. We also take care of everything else involved in setting up your fire safety equipment, like connecting it to your water system. We provide you with a turnkey system.

How CWS can benefit you

High quality

We work with our own experts and train them continuously, so you can expect a great deal of knowledge and high quality from us.

Sector-specific know-how

We know what’s required, whether it's a care home, office building or production site, as CWS works across all sectors.

Full service

Installing and approving equipment is one thing, but we’re also here for you when it comes to structural and technical measures, as well as any additional services you require

Digital processes

We draw on digital processes, so you, and we, always know how your equipment is working and if any maintenance is required.

The concept is ready?

Our experts will take care of the installation of your fire protection systems.

No installation goes without planning

Buildings are difficult to construct without a plan. The same applies to fire protection equipment, as it is supposed to save lives. Therefore, detailed consultation and planning according to the specifications of authorities, insurance companies and manufacturers of the fire protection equipment is necessary. Fire protection concept and risk assessment form the basis.

Contact our experts and let us advise you on the planning and installation of your fire protection equipment.

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CWS fire safety equipment

Fire alarm systems

Fixed extinguishing systems

Smoke and heat extractors


It’s good to ask questions. Questions help you understand our work and help us understand your needs. We’ve probably covered some questions in our FAQs, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any more.

Does CWS provide specialists to approve fire safety equipment?

Not necessarily, but we’d be happy to take care of that for you. We do also provide our own specialists who can approve third-party equipment within the regulatory framework.

Should electricity, water or anything else be turned off during the installation?

That always depends on the equipment that we’re installing for you. If individual supply flows need to be cut off temporarily, we’ll let you know in advance and agree on a time frame with you.

How long does the installation take?

It can vary, as it depends on the type of equipment for one thing – fire extinguishers are typically quicker to install than an extinguishing system. On the other hand, you can quicken up the installation by preparing in advance. Detailed plans help us carry out inspections and assessments.

Can CWS handle the installation all by itself?

Yes. We usually carry out the installation and inspection ourselves with our experts and coordinate with other tradesmen if necessary. Nevertheless, please provide an available point of contact who we can reach out to if needed. 

How important is a certificate for the installation of the equipment?

A certificate is essential because the relevant authorities require a declaration of conformity with the fire safety concept.

Would you like advice on fire protection?

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Additional CWS fire safety products

CWS Solution Fire Safety Planung Beratung Dokumentation

Consultation, planning & documentation

We’d also be happy to assist with fire safety concepts, emergency evacuation plans and the respective official documentation.

CWS Solution Fire Safety Wartung Instandhaltung

Maintenance & repair

We inspect fire extinguishers, equipment and so on for proper functionality and fix any problems.

CWS Solution Fire Safety Brandschutz Schulung

Fire protection training

We make sure your employees are well prepared in the event of an emergency.

CWS Benefit Fire Safety external View

Fire Protection Officer

Our professional officer can identify and assess risks in fire protection and make recommendations to you.