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Maintenance and servicing of fire safety equipment

Alongside detailed planning and proper installation, maintenance and servicing are the alpha and omega of fire safety and ensure that your devices and systems last a long time.

Definition of maintenance and servicing

Maintenance involves checking and caring for a fire protection system so that it functions for as long as possible without needing to be repaired.

Depending on the fire protection system, for example, it is cleaned, adjusted, lubricated or wear parts are replaced. During maintenance, the specialist eliminates defects in the fire protection system so that it functions properly again.

Fire safety maintenance of CWS

High quality

Our own experts carry out maintenance and servicing, as they are highly trained and have lots of sector-specific know-how.

Always on time

No matter how large your building is or what it's used for, we can handle it. The best way to do this is with a maintenance agreement.

Digital everything

Our inspection is documented digitally as we carry it out, and we even send you a digital copy of the records. You can also access all maintenance information and documentation for your product through a digital fire safety record upon request.

Maintenance and beyond

We care about fire safety planning and concepts, as well as installation. We can also train your staff and appoint a fire safety officer for your business.


If you need help with regular maintenance or with any further questions about your fire safety equipment, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Maintenance schedules for fire extinguishers, fire doors, etc.

At least every 2 years:

  • Fire extinguishers including 
  • Wall-mounted fire hose reels with “dry” riser

At least once a year:

  • Wall-mounted fire hose reels with “wet/dry” or “wet” riser
  • Above-ground and underground hydrants
  • Fire dampers
  • Securing devices for fire doors and gates
  • Smoke and heat extractors (RWA for short)
  • Fixed extinguishing systems
  • Emergency lighting

At least quarterly:

  • Fire alarm systems

By the way: House alarm systems and emergency exits should also be maintained. We recommend yearly maintenance. Be on the safe side.

Brandschutz-Wartung einer Brandschutzklappe einer Lüftungsanlage


The operator is liable

The building operator is usually responsible for proper fire safety. They are liable if maintenance has not been carried out or has not been carried out properly, and people’s lives and the environment have been put at risk, or property has been damaged, for example. If the operator cannot produce a maintenance certificate, then they are in violation of building codes. This could mean that insurance companies won't pay if there’s a fire and the manufacturer could also void the product warranty.  

Maintenance requirements

The Technischen Regeln für Arbeitsstätten (ASR - “Technical Rules for Workplaces”) specify with what and how workplaces should be equipped. Both the applicable standards and the manufacturer specify what must be carried out during maintenance.


Carrying it out

Maintenance and servicing should therefore only be carried out by authorised and qualified experts. Inspections are carried out by specialists for approval. Here are some definitions:

  • Professionals are people who have completed training and have professional experience
  • Experts are professionals who have completed additional, specialised training in the field. This training is given either by the manufacturer of the fire safety equipment or an accredited inspection authority like DEKRA or the TÜV.
  • Specialists have completed in-depth specialised training, usually as part of a degree, and are recognised under building law. CWS provides specialists to draw up fire safety concepts, as well as inspection specialists to inspect systems according to the technical inspection regulations of the relevant federal state.

Fire protection maintenance due?

Maintenance step by step

Step 1: We make a digital record of the maintenance steps specified by the manufacturer of the fire safety equipment.

Step 2: The CWS on-site fire safety technician follows the steps and documents them directly on their tablet.

Step 3: If the maintenance work was successful, the technician updates the servicing label with their registration number, the date and the next maintenance date.

Step 4: We give you the inspection record straight after the maintenance work is completed.


If servicing is required to carry out small repairs and measures, we can usually handle these on site, or we’ll get in touch with you.

CWS Techniker dokumentiert die Wartung eines Wandhydranten am Tablet

Our products

People immediately think of fire extinguishers, but emergency exit signs and fire safety plans are essential too. You can find everything in our product range.

Fire extinguishers

Fire alarm systems

Water extinguishing technology/Hydrants


It’s not so easy to get your bearings in the jungle of fire safety, or is it? That’s what we're here for! We can help, and a good place to start is by answering some of your frequently asked questions.

How often should fire safety maintenance be carried out?

That depends on your fire safety equipment. Usually, fire extinguishers and wall-mounted fire hose reels with “dry” risers must be maintained every two years and all other fire safety equipment must be maintained once a year. However, there can be exceptions.

Do I need to get in touch with CWS if maintenance is due?

If we’ve already maintained your fire safety equipment in the past, then we’ll let you know about the next maintenance appointment as soon as possible – the same goes if you have an existing maintenance agreement. But you can also call us to book your preferred date.

What happens if I forget about the maintenance appointment

It’s rare, but it can happy to anyone. In this case, we can get to you even at short notice.

How can I keep track of lots of equipment that require maintenance?

Thanks to well-organised documentation of all the products that require maintenance in your building. You can also use our digital fire safety records, as you’ll then receive automatic reminders about maintenance appointments for all fire extinguishers and systems, for example.

What happens if maintenance reveals that a device is faulty or a system is no longer working?

In most cases, a CWS fire safety technician can fix the fault on the spot, as they always carry the right spares for the job with them. Our service vehicles are also fully equipped, which saves multiple trips and CO2.

Additional CWS fire safety products

CWS Solution Fire Safety Planung Beratung Dokumentation

Consultation, planning & documentation

We’re also happy to support you with fire protection concepts, escape plans and their official documentation.

CWS Solution Fire Safety Installation Abnahme

Installation & approval

Our technicians install the equipment and check its operation for official approval. 

CWS Solution Fire Safety Brandschutz Schulung

Fire protection training

We make sure your employees are well prepared in the event of an emergency.

CWS Benefit Fire Safety external View

Fire Protection Officer

Our professional officer can identify and assess risks in fire protection and make recommendations to you.

Maintenance of fire extinguishers

Wasserlöscher Feuerlöscher

CWS carries out fire extinguisher maintenance directly on your premises. Our experts have the equipment for the maintenance and any necessary spare parts in the vehicle, so that your fire extinguishers are immediately ready for use again.

You have less than 5 fire extinguishers and no further fire protection maintenance? CWS offers extinguisher maintenance at the location nearest you. Contact your CWS Fire Safety branch.

Do you have questions about maintenance?

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