Fire safety in timber construction

Wood can also be protected against fire! There are approved fire barriers for cross laminated timber elements with 30, 60 or 90 minutes fire resistance.

Fire safety in timber construction

Fire safety in timber construction


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  • No need to cover the inner edges of the opening with plaster

Fire protection in timber construction - consultation, implementation & acceptance

Wood is experiencing a revival as a building material for a variety of reasons. It is not only visually attractive but also versatile and sustainable. On the one hand, wood is increasingly used in new buildings in the form of standardized walls and ceilings in multi-story residential and commercial buildings. On the other hand, users continue to come across old wooden beam ceilings when renovating or adding stories. Both cases present planners, fire protection experts and building owners with difficulties when it comes to fire protection in timber construction, as only a few tested and approved fire protection systems are available.

Whether timber frame, solid wood, or hybrid constructions with reinforced concrete is used, to do justice to the advantages of timber construction, in-depth planning is required regarding fire protection. This is because later corrections (e.g. incorrectly created openings) cannot be corrected as easily as in solid construction or dry construction. In cross-laminated timber construction, with the tested products from Hilti, with correct planning, the time-consuming lining of the openings with gypsum fibreboards is no longer necessary and thus significantly reduces the workload. The fire partitioning with wooden elements keeps fire and smoke out for 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

CWS offers fire protection for timber construction in various fire resistance classes:

  • REI 30 (fire-retardant)
  • REI 60 (highly fire-retardant)
  • REI 90 (fire-resistant)

The manufacturers managed by CWS in the field of fire protection in timber construction are Lignotrend and Hilti. The requirements regarding fire protection in timber construction are regulated in the DIN standard DIN 1402-2.


  • Use in class 4 and 5 buildings, in medium height buildings and multi-story buildings
  • Chic wood atmosphere and safe fire protection


Wood is a natural, renewable resource.

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