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Asbestos removal is necessary to minimise the health hazards posed by asbestos-containing materials.

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20 November 2023 Fire Safety

Asbestos is a natural mineral product that was often used in the construction industry in the past due to its heat-resistant and insulating properties. For example, asbestos is found in fire dampers in buildings from the 1960s to 1980s. It occurs in various forms, including chrysotile, amosite and crocidolite. Asbestos fibres are extremely thin and can become airborne, posing health hazards.

Why is asbestos harmful?

Asbestos is harmful to health because the inhaled fibres can lead to serious lung diseases such as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. These diseases can occur years or even decades after exposure, which is why asbestos is called a "silent killer".

As a result, the use of asbestos was banned in Germany from 1989 onwards. However, there was still a transitional area to reduce the stockpiles until 1993.

Why is asbestos removal necessary?

Asbestos removal is necessary to minimise the health hazards posed by asbestos-containing materials. A typical example is the renovation of fire dampers containing asbestos that were installed before 1989.

Although asbestos removal is often not directly necessary, it is required during conversion, renovation or maintenance work. Precautionary asbestos removal also makes sense in order to avoid possible health risks.

How is the asbestos removal carried out?

Asbestos removal requires expertise and compliance with strict standards and regulations. In Germany, TRGS 519 (Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances) regulates the handling of asbestos. In addition, special protective measures are required, including:

  • The use of personal protective equipment such as protective clothing and respirators.
  • The limitation of access to the construction site.
  • The use of specialised tools to minimise asbestos dust.
  • The careful disposal of asbestos-containing materials in accordance with local regulations.

CWS Fire Safety - Your specialist company for asbestos removal

CWS Fire Safety is a certified specialist company that carries out asbestos inspections (laboratory analysis of samples), professional removal and disposal of materials containing asbestos. We have years of experience in asbestos removal, e.g. the refurbishment of fire dampers containing asbestos.

Our experts are trained and certified to remove asbestos safely and efficiently. It goes without saying that we comply with all relevant standards and regulations.

More information on asbestos-containing fire dampers here.

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