Benefits and functioning of an SPS system

Smoke protection pressure systems (SPS system) prevent the spread of smoke in a building by means of an overpressure.

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30 October 2023 Fire Safety

Smoke protection pressure systems (SPS system) create an overpressure in case of fire, which prevents smoke from spreading. SPS systems are mainly used in rooms that are considered escape routes.

SPS system, the special SHEVS

SPS systems are a special variant of mechanical smoke ventilation systems (SHEVS). Smoke protection pressure systems not only discharge the smoke and add fresh air, but they also create a slight overpressure. This positive pressure is maintained in the event of a fire so that no toxic smoke can enter the defined area. This improves evacuation and secures the escape route.

Areas of application for SPS systems

The fire protection specifications or the fire protection concept determine whether an smoke protection pressure system is necessary. Smoke protection pressure system are mainly used in safety stairwells, i.e. stairwells that are intended to prevent the penetration of fire and smoke in the event of a fire by means of structural or technical measures. Also in high-rise buildings, where the spread of fire smoke over several floors is to be prevented, smoke protection pressure systems are an ideal means.

Components of an SPS system

An SPS system consists of various components: 

  • Detectors such as smoke detectors, temperature detectors and air pressure sensors constantly report the current status.  
  • Supply air and exhaust air openings bring fresh air into the room and remove smoke gases. 
  • Smoke extraction dampers are responsible for opening and closing the supply and exhaust air openings. 
  • Fans distribute the fresh air or extract the exhaust air from the room. 
  • The control system is the brain of the SPS system. It monitors all detectors (smoke, temperature, pressure), controls the fans and smoke extraction dampers in case of fire and regulates the overpressure. 
  • The power supply must also be ensured with an emergency generator in case of fire. Appropriate structural protective measures for laid cables and lines as well as protection of the control system are necessary.

SPS plant maintenance

SPS systems must be maintained at least once a year by a competent person. In addition, the operator must carry out a visual inspection annually. Both must be documented.

Cooperation with various manufacturers

We work together with various manufacturers of SPS systems. The manufacturers include, for example, TROX, Kingspan, FAHO Group, Alred Eichelberger and Strulik. Depending on the fire protection requirements and the building, we recommend a suitable SPS system.

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