Cable penetration seals in fire protection

Safety through prevention: Find out why cable penetration seals are indispensable in fire protection.

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8 May 2024 Fire Safety

In modern buildings, numerous cable connections are essential to ensure smooth communication, power supply and data transmission. However, just like pipelines, cable penetrations through fire compartments also pose a potential risk in the event of a fire if they are not appropriately sealed off. Cable penetration seals are therefore an integral part of fire protection that should not be neglected in any building.

Why are cable penetration seals necessary?

Without adequate compartmentalization, flames and smoke could penetrate unhindered through the cable penetrations into various fire compartments in the event of a fire. This would accelerate the spread of the fire and make evacuation more difficult. The consequences could be devastating, not only for the building itself, but above all for the people present. Cable penetration seals are therefore crucial to protect lives and minimize property damage.

In short: cable penetration seals are essential to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire. 

Kabelabschottung in der Praxis-CWS Fire Safety

Types of cable penetration seals

There are different types of cable penetration seals that are used depending on the requirements and fire protection classes. These include

  • Fire protection pads and mats: These flexible materials adapt to the cable penetrations and provide an effective barrier against fire and smoke.
  • Fire protection sleeves: These are fitted around cables and expand in the event of a fire to seal the openings and prevent the spread of fire.
  • Combination penetration seals: Cables and pipes can also be sealed off together, for example using fire protection blocks or panels.
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Our service for your safety

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As an experienced specialist company for fire protection measures, we are at your disposal throughout Germany. With our specialist knowledge and many years of experience, we install cable penetration seals to the highest standards. We understand the specific requirements of different buildings and offer customized solutions to ensure your safety.

We also provide you with comprehensive documentation that serves as proof for insurance companies and official requirements. For us, fire protection is not just an obligation, but an investment in the safety of human life and property.

Contact us to optimize your fire protection measures and ensure maximum safety. After all, prevention is the best protection against the consequences of a fire.

Kabelabschottung im vorbeugenden Brandschutz-CWS Fire Safety

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