Cooperation between fire brigade and fire protection service provider

04.05. is Firefighters' Day. We thank the emergency services and show how they work together.

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4 May 2023 Fire Safety

Today, 04.05., is the annual International Firefighters' Day. We want to use this day to thank the firefighters. In addition, we would like to show how preventive fire protection is related to the fire brigade.

Thanks to all firefighters and rescue workers

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There were 217,145 fires and explosions in Germany in 2020, according to the latest statistics from the German Fire Brigades Association (DFV)1. This means that the fire brigade is out on a fire call every 2.4 minutes! Thank you for going out on every single mission! It is important that the fire brigade can act quickly and efficiently. Measures from the field of preventive fire protection influence the activities of the fire brigade.

Fires in companies

When there is a fire in a company, the amount of damage is usually very high. Not only the building is affected, but also the workplaces and the existence of the company. Solutions from preventive fire protection prevent or minimise the spread of fires.

Examples of cooperation between fire protection service provider and fire brigade

  • Installation and commissioning of fire alarm systems: Fire alarm systems are connected to the control centre of the local fire brigade. This means that the fire brigade is automatically informed in the event of a fire. Before the fire alarm system is put into operation, an exchange with the local fire brigade is necessary. This includes topics such as the location of the fire alarm control centre (FACP) and the fire brigade key depot as well as a look at the fire brigade maps. We install fire alarm systems and carry out maintenance.
  • Preparation and filing of fire brigade maps: Fire brigade maps provide information on the floor plan of the building and the location of the fire alarm control centre as well as on the routes of the fire alarm groups. The emergency services must know where to find the fire brigade maps. We create and update fire brigade maps.
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  • Access routes and parking spaces for the fire brigade: In case of fire, the fire brigade must be able to approach all sides of the building with the emergency vehicles. Marking these spaces is part of preventive fire protection. 
  • Fire prevention inspection: Fire prevention inspections are random checks of fire protection equipment. The local fire brigade is always present at the official fire prevention inspection. We are happy to support you as a fire protection officer and as a fire protection service manager.
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The cooperation between fire protection service providers in preventive fire protection and the fire brigade is crucial for a smooth process in case of fire. It is important that all fire protection systems are functioning, fire brigade maps are up to date etc. If you need support in preventive fire protection, please contact us.

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