Diversity in the company CWS Fire Safety

23.05. is Diversity Day in Germany. We provide an insight into what CWS Fire Safety is doing about it.

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23 May 2023 Fire Safety

Diversity in the company is important and we would like to use today's "Diversity Day" in Germany to draw attention to this topic. We provide insight into the activities to promote diversity in the company CWS Fire Safety.

Importance of diversity in the company

Inequality and discrimination are present in society and in the world of work. It is now no longer just about diversity, equality and inclusion also play an important role.

  • Diversity: Variety of social differences as well as recognition and appreciation of all people. 
  • Equality: Equal treatment of all people regardless of gender. 
  • Inclusion: integration of people with disabilities.

Ignorance and lack of awareness of diversity & Co lead to conflicts and exclusion of groups of people due to stereotypes and prejudices. Yet diversity in the company offers many positive things.

Diversity in the company has a positive effect

If diversity is promoted in the company, this has a positive impact on innovation and performance, as different backgrounds, experiences and skills are positive for creating new perspectives and ideas.

Creating awareness of diversity in the company

CWS and CWS Fire Safety have already implemented a number of measures to increase the importance of diversity in the company. The basis is the guideline on diversity in the company to convey basic knowledge. This is deepened in an e-learning module. Videos are used to illustrate situations that promote awareness of diversity. A quiz can be used to directly check and consolidate what has been learned. In addition, there is a project group and diversity officers to work on our goals to promote diversity in the company.

Diversity goals in the company

At CWS, we have the goal of filling at least 50% of management positions with women by 2025. To achieve this goal, 4 building blocks have been defined:

  1. Increasing the proportion of women in leadership positions through equal-opportunity talent and recruiting processes. 
  2. Offering diverse working time models to meet different needs, e.g. due to age and health. The possibility of filling a full-time job with several part-time employees is also part of this. 
  3. Promoting international exchange through job rotation programmes. 
  4. Promoting cooperation and exchange of experience between colleagues with different backgrounds and experiences through mentoring programmes.

Diversity in the company plays an important role for CWS and CWS Fire Safety. The goal is clearly defined, we have already achieved some steps and still have more steps ahead of us.

If a job in fire safety as well as such topics is of interest, we recommend taking a look at our job board. Perhaps the right dream job is there.

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