Drinking water protection - also relevant in fire protection

Drinking water is the most important foodstuff, but also a fire-fighting agent. Find out more about the need to protect drinking water.

Trinkwasserschutz – auch im Brandschutz von Relevanz-CWS Fire Safety

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30 May 2023 Fire Safety

Drinking water is the most important foodstuff. There are various regulations for drinking water hygiene in Germany. Accordingly, the Drinking Water Ordinance requires building operators to protect drinking water from possible quality impairments, e.g. due to faulty installation and commissioning or changed pipe systems and flow conditions.

Furthermore, drinking water protection must be taken into account in the planning, installation and operation of various fire protection facilities, as drinking water is also one of the most important extinguishing agents.

Drinking water protection & fire protection

Trinkwasserschutz und Brandschutz-Wir beraten Sie.

Water extinguishing systems and fire water systems (such as wall hydrants, above-ground hydrants and underground hydrants) use drinking water to fight fires or provide a reliable supply of extinguishing water for the fire brigade. Due to the age of a building or poor planning, there is often a direct connection between the extinguishing systems and the drinking water supply in the building.

Extinguishing water systems are only used in case of fire or during maintenance work, so that the water contained here is not replaced to a sufficient extent. Contamination with germs or bacteria, such as legionella, can be the result. This poses a health risk to the users of the drinking water systems.

Accordingly, extinguishing water systems must not negatively influence the drinking water installation (according to the Drinking Water Ordinance) and thus also the drinking water hygiene in the building. Separation of the systems or measures that achieve the same protection goal are obligatory according to the Drinking Water Ordinance.

Important: In practice, approved systems for drinking water protection are often missing for fire protection installations. Old systems are not protected as existing systems, so new systems must always be designed safely.

In existing facilities, alternative organisational measures can also ensure drinking water protection after consultation with the responsible authorities.

Trinkwasserschutz & Brandschutz-CWS Fire Safety

Drinking water hygiene through extinguishing water transfer points

Trinkwasserhygiene durch Löschwasserübergabestellen-CWS Fire Safety

The preferred solution for ensuring drinking water quality or drinking water hygiene during the operation of extinguishing systems and extinguishing water systems are extinguishing water transfer points according to DIN 14462. They avoid a possible backflow of contaminated extinguishing water.

Alternatively, a filling and draining station for drinking water protection - especially for areas with a risk of frost - is also possible. It ensures that extinguishing water pipes are only flooded in the event of a fire and then emptied again.

We support you in ensuring drinking water hygiene in connection with your extinguishing water systems or installations. Contact our experts now.

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Good to know: We are also involved in various associations and standardisation work for optimum drinking water hygiene in extinguishing water systems.

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