Escape and rescue plan: Regulations

The regulations for escape plans specify components, format, colors, font & font size and scale, among other things.

Flucht- und Rettungsplan-Vorschriften-CWS Fire Safety

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8 June 2024 Fire Safety

An up-to-date and compliant escape and rescue plan in accordance with DIN ISO 23601 is essential to enable rapid orientation in the event of a fire. It provides a clear representation of the building and includes information on escape routes, life-saving equipment such as fire extinguishers and hydrants, as well as meeting points for evacuation.

The display of these plans is a legal requirement for companies in accordance with the ASR (Technical Rules for Workplaces) and the ArbStättV (Workplace Ordinance). 

Escape and rescue plan: Regulations at a glance

A complete escape and rescue plan includes a floor plan of the building in the form of a detailed and overview plan, instructions on what to do in an emergency and further information about the plan creator or the date the plan was created.

Good to know: DIN ISO 23601 is the basic regulation for an escape and rescue plan.

Flucht- und Rettungsplan-Vorschriften im Überblick-CWS Fire Safety
Fluchtplan-Vorschriften im Überblick-CWS Fire Safety

Additional regulations also apply to escape and rescue plans with regard to font size, color, format and background to ensure optimal legibility and visibility.  In addition, it must be clearly recognizable from which point of view people are looking at the plan (including viewing direction). Specific requirements for safety signs in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7010 must also be taken into account.

Important: It is very important that the plans are updated when structural changes are made and that they are displayed in strategic locations such as main entrances, corridors and stairwells.

Escape and rescue plan

Regulations in detail

Click on the individual elements and find out more about the specific regulations for an escape and rescue plan.


According to regulations, an escape and rescue plan must include the following components:

  • Detailed plan:
    The detailed plan includes a simplified black and white floor plan of the building or floor. It also provides information on all escape routes and fire protection and safety equipment.
  • Overview plan:
    The overview plan provides an overall view of the building as well as neighboring buildings, streets and areas.
  • Behavioral instructions: 
    These instructions are rules for behavior in the event of a fire that are individually adapted to the circumstances.
  • Other information: 
    These include details such as the plan creator, the building name, the storey, the date the plan was created and the plan and revision number.
  • Legend: 
    The legend explains the safety signs and symbols used.

Safety sign

According to DIN ISO 3864, safety signs must be displayed in the colors red, yellow, green and blue and have a minimum diameter of 7 mm. For example, a blue circle indicates the location of the observer. Escape signs, such as first aid facilities or assembly points, as well as escape routes are marked in light green (with green directional arrows), while fire protection facilities are marked with red symbols.

Font type and size

The regulations for escape and rescue plans do not stipulate a specific font, but a font must be chosen that ensures clear legibility. The font size for letters should be at least 2 mm.


The regulations for escape plans require a white or luminescent white background. The latter guarantees good visibility even in the event of a power failure; alternatively, this can be ensured by safety lighting.


According to DIN regulations, escape and rescue plans must be produced in DIN A3 to DIN A0 formats. A DIN A4 format is only permitted for display in individual rooms such as hotel rooms.



The scale of an escape and rescue plan can vary between 1:100, 1:250 and 1:350 depending on the overall complex and level of detail.

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